Sunday, 12 April 2020

TV UFO Footage:
“UFO caught LIVE on camera
during Newscast in Buffalo”

Published: 14 June 2018
(ABC WKBW-TV, Buffalo, New York)

Source: WKBW TV | Buffalo, NY (YouTube channel)

Wikipedia article: “WKBW-TV”:

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Satellite photo of Buffalo, New York (
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YouTube Search:
Focus On Quest’s UFO Documentary Film Clips

The clips include interviews with some of the world’s most respected UFO authors and researchers.

Quest (UK TV channel) is operated by Discovery, Inc. (U.S.A.).

Website: Quest TV (YouTube channel):

(Search term: UFO Quest TV)

Wikipedia article: “Quest (British TV channel)”:

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UFO Article (“News”):
“Potential Sources of Information Regarding
Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon”

12 November 2019
(To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, Encinitas, California)

The article is written by Christopher Mellon.

He writes about the U.S. government’s numerous intelligence collection systems that could aid in the unravelling of the vexing UFO phenomenon.

Mellon is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and a former Minority Staff Director, Senate Intelligence Committee. Mellon is now the National Security Affairs Advisor for the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science.

Christopher Mellon
( photo)