Monday, 30 January 2012

UFO News Article (Excerpt):
“Valley residents have reported UFOs –
Newspaper articles from 1940s, '50s and
'60s describe sightings”,
22 January 2003
(The Morning Call, Allentown, Pennsylvania)

This is an article excerpt regarding three Eastern Pennsylvania UFO incidents that occurred on 6 July 1947 (Bethlehem), 9 July 1952 (near Kutztown) and 29 July 1968 (Bethlehem):**+Newspaper+articles+from+1940s%2C+

Quote from the article:
“ ‘On last Monday (July 29, 1968), four Bethlehem policemen responding to a call from Richard Sedler of 508 Hess St., who reported a UFO sighting, confirmed that they too had spotted the object,’ The Morning Call said.”

“Bethlehem, Pennsylvania” (

Satellite photo of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
( photo)