Monday, 27 April 2009

UFOs Filmed during Recording of Italian Movie, Allumiere, Italy, Early January 2007, Daytime

It was Mario Maisto who discovered the unknown objects in the movie, "Milano-Palermo: il ritorno".

After a thorough analysis of the footage, Mario Maisto determined that the UFOs were self-luminous and spherical in shape. Furthermore, he established that due to their manoeuvres, the UFOs cannot be birds, balloons, satellites or known aircraft.

In the Altro and articles he presents several stills from the first video. These stills show a second and third UFO sphere (that cannot be seen in the video) to the right of the actor.

One can clearly see that the UFO in the first video stops on a dime.

Mario Maisto presents several videos which show the UFOs:
First scene (11 seconds into the video, to the left of the actor's head):

Second scene (6 seconds into the video, above the actor's head):

Altro article by Mario Maisto: article by Mario Maisto:

Ivan article:

Corriere della Sera news article ( (Italian newspaper) :