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Possible UFO Video Footages:
Unknown Objects (Including Boomerang)
Filmed Over the Las Cruces, New Mexico, Area, March 2017

(SkySentinel, LLC, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida)

Source: MrMBB333 (YouTube channel)

In this video, the source says that he has monitored the SkySentinel cameras for many years – and that he never before has seen the like of the objects which can be seen in these videos (recorded in Las Cruces, New Mexico).

In my opinion, the source presents two videos which possibly show UFOs.

The first possible UFO video shows an apparently large, self-luminous, boomerang shaped object. The first video was filmed on 17 March 2017, at 11:37 p.m. (5:37 a.m. UTC).

The second possible UFO video shows two apparently
self-luminous objects which fly close together. The second
video was filmed on 30 March 2017, at 9:37 p.m. (3:37 a.m. UTC).

The camera network is now called Spalding Allsky Camera Network (

Wikipedia article: “Florida Institute of Technology”:

Wikipedia article: “Las Cruces, New Mexico”:,_New_Mexico

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Boomerang shaped object filmed over the Las Cruces, New Mexico, area on 17 March 2017, at 11:37 p.m. (5:37 a.m. UTC)
(Florida Institute of Technology/ image)

Two unknown objects filmed over the Las Cruces, New Mexico, area on 30 March 2017, at 9:37 p.m. (3:37 a.m. UTC)
(Florida Institute of Technology/ image)

Satellite photo of Las Cruces, New Mexico (
( photo)

UFO Report (Cases) (E-mail):
”Subject: Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant/
Triangle UFO reports nearby”

By Daniel Wilson, 2 September 2004

Quote from the e-mail:

My comment:
In this e-mail, Daniel Wilson presents seven NUFORC UFO case reports. The North Carolina UFO incidents occurred on 23 June 1998, 12 August 1999, 22 November 2000, 1 January 2002, 2 August 2002, 21 November 2002, 10 July 2003.

He also presents a news article (“Problems mount at Shearon Harris”) that reports on the 2003 Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant emergency shutdowns.

The Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant is located in New Hill, North Carolina.

Wikipedia article: “Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“The Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant with a single Westinghouse designed pressurized-water nuclear reactor operated by Duke Energy. It was named in honor of W. Shearon Harris, former president of Carolina Power & Light (predecessor of Progress Energy Inc.).[2] Located in New Hill, North Carolina, in the United States, about 20 miles (30 km) southwest of Raleigh, it generates 900 MWe, has a 523-foot (160 m) natural draft cooling tower, and uses Harris Lake for cooling. The reactor achieved criticality in January 1987 and began providing power commercially on May 2 of that year.

The Shearon Harris site was originally designed for four reactors, but cost and weakening demand despite a growing population resulted in three of the reactors being canceled. The final cost approached $3.9B, including safety upgrades mandated after the Three Mile Island accident.

On November 16, 2006, the operator applied to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for a renewal and extension of the plant's operating license.[3] The NRC granted the renewal on December 17, 2008, extending the license from forty years to sixty.[4]”

Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant. Unit 1. Copied from
the NRC web site, which is operated by the US government.
(text by Wikipedia) ( (

Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant. New Hill, North Carolina
(Google photo)

UFO Case Directory (Distant Encounters):
“Object Rises From Mountain Top
Nov. 6, 1957
Radium [Springs], New Mexico”


Fran Ridge:
Nov. 6, 1957; Radium Springs, New Mexico
10:50 p.m. Las Cruces policeman [Barela?] and a Dona Ana County Deputy Sheriff saw a single round object, changing from red to green to blue to white, which rose vertically from a mountain top. The sighting lasted 10 minutes. (Berliner, FUFOR Index)

In this case it is not what was reported, but where and when, that makes this one noteworthy. Hopefully, someday we will get more details. This incident occurred on the same day as the Kirtland weapons storage area (WSA) overflight and is listed in the Project Blue Book unknowns as Case # 5227. Radium Springs is almost two hundred miles from Kirtland, which is just SE of Albuquerque. Radium Springs is almost 50 miles NW of Las Cruces, NM along Interstate 25. For some details on the incident I consulted my only Blue Book ‘unknown’ sources, Don Berliner and Kevin Randle, and found some sketchy information in Kevin Randle’s book, ‘Project Blue Book Exposed’. This was one of the few cases that was not described. I then emailed Larry Hatch, another member of our Nuclear Connection Project staff, and he supplied a listing which was not ‘flagged’ as a ‘nuclear connection’ case,  but was listed in  his *U* Database.”

Wikipedia article: “Radium Springs, New Mexico”:

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Location of Radium Springs, New Mexico (text by Wikipedia)
( image)