Tuesday, 24 April 2012

UFO Catalogue:
“Aircraft / UFO Encounters Catalogue”
by Dominique F. Weinstein, 1997

Dominique F. Weinstein presents military, airline and private pilot UFO sighting reports from 1942 to 1996:


(paradigmresearchgroup.org image)
UFO Catalogue:
“The AVCAT Project” (NICAP.org)

NICAP presents a catalogue of aircraft/UFO encounters:


Francis Ridge is the coordinator of the AVCAT Project.

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UFO Article:
“South American UFO - Airplane Encounters”
by Scott Corrales, 8 March 2011 (Rense.com)

The article also recounts the 4 November 1968 UFO encounter of Iberia Airlines Captain Juan Lorenzo Torres during a flight from London, UK to Alicante, Spain:


Iberia Airlines Caravelle X-R, 1960s
(google.com photo)