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UFO News Article: 
“Georgians Seeing Lights, But UFO Clues Are Skimpy”,
16 September 1973 (The Pittsburgh Press, Pennsylvania)

The Pittsburgh Press reports on several August/September 1973 Georgia UFO incidents and a 13 September 1973 Chattanooga, Tennessee UFO sighting:

Quote from the article:
“The most recent two came from Chattanooga, Tenn., where two Hamilton County policemen and a motel security officer said they watched a UFO early Thursday.”

Chattanooga, Tennessee” (

Satellite photo of Chattanooga, Tennessee (
( photo)
UFO News Article: 
“UFO Sightings Reach Claiborne, Bell Counties”,
19 October 1973 (Middlesboro Daily News, Kentucky)

The article focuses on the UFO incidents that occurred over Kentucky (Bell and Harlan Counties) and Tennessee (Claiborne County) in mid October 1973:

Quote from the article:
“According to the Kentucky State Police, the Lynch Police Department reported seeing a large ‘thing’ land on a mountain top in Harlan County.

Two separate reports from Claiborne County placed a large bluish-green object about the size of the moon hovering in the sky over Harrogate about 8 p.m.” 

The article continues on page 5 (Google News).

Harrogate-Shawanee, Tennessee” (

Harrogate, Tennessee, as viewed from Cumberland Gap ( photo)
UFO News Article: 
“State Police Sighted UFO Over Campus”,
6 October 1973 (The Gettysburg Times, Pennsylvania)

Two Pennsylvania state troopers, Cpl. Robert Bugjo and Trp. Paul Cutrufello, sighted a UFO over Penn State’s Delaware County campus (Middletown Township, Media, Pennsylvania) on the night of 4 October 1973, according to the article:

Quote from the article:
“ ‘It had a large, bright, powerful beam shining straight down.’

The troopers said it hovered over one spot for about 90 seconds.

‘We couldn’t hear any motor running. Then the beam went off and it started to move. It went a quarter-mile and the red lights on the side went out,’ Bugjo said.

‘Then we heard a purring when it took off,’ added Cutrufello.”

Media, Pennsylvania” (

Map of Media, Pennsylvania (
( image)
UFO News Article: 
“Four Police In Hartford Report UFO”,
2 September 1967
(The Morning Record, Meriden-Wallingford, Connecticut)
Four police officers sighted a UFO over Hartford, Connecticut 
on the early morning of 1 September 1967, The Morning Record 

A civilian in East Hartland also sighted an unknown object.

Hartford, Connecticut” (

Map of Hartford, Connecticut (
( image)