Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Norwegian Air Force Reconnaissance Airplane Crew
Encounter UFO, south of Trondheim, Norway,
(Unknown Date) 1967, at 0:15 a.m.

This UFO incident involved the crew on board a Royal Norwegian Air Force airplane, who was on an Oslo to Northern Norway reconnaissance mission.

The UFO was first sighted in an area south of Trondheim. The unknown object followed the airplane for a very long time, according to the navigator, Olaf Volla. And in this French UFO TV report Volla recounts that the UFO followed close behind the airplane, no matter what manoeuvre the aircraft performed. The object, which was not registered on radar, emitted a very bright white light, and Volla says he got the impression that the bright light concealed a structured object. It was an exciting experience, Olaf Volla says in the UFO report: