Monday, 7 September 2009

UFO Filmed by TV Cameraman, Bellview, Wisconsin, Unknown Date, Daytime

TV cameraman Dave Hooker caught a fast-flying UFO on videotape, while he was shooting a feature about a farm in Bellview, Wisconsin (east of Waupaca).

The UFO footage can be found at 2:50 minutes into the documentary film, “Unexplained Mysteries: UFO: Best Evidence”:

Jeff Sainio, MUFON video analyst, found that it's unlikely that the Bellview UFO could be a conventional aircraft.
UFO TV News Report:
“Secrets of the Future Today:
Watching the Skies for UFOs”,
7 September 2009 (Today Show, MSNBC, New York City)

This news report includes interviews with the former head of the UK MoD’s UFO Office Nick Pope and former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell:

Nick Pope, the former Head of the UK MoD's UFO Office 
(1991-1994), UFO Author, Lecturer & Researcher

Original MSNBC video link:

This news report sort of takes a look at the UFO evidence. And MSNBC must get credit for reporting on the Milton Torres UFO incident and the UFO statement by Edgar Mitchell.

But why doesn't MSNBC for instance report on the U.S. government UFO documents that show that the White House, Joint Chiefs of Staff (the U.S. military) and the U.S. intelligence agencies all investigated (and no doubt cooperated) the case of the 1976 Tehran, Iran Fighter Jets UFOs encounter?

Here is one U.S. government document pertaining to this UFO case that shows which U.S. government agencies that received the document:

And at the end of the document one can see that this UFO incident wasn't treated in a casual manner by the U.S. government. The order, "PRIORITY" gives a loud and clear message to the government officials.

I guess the U.S. government didn't end its UFO investigations in December 1969 after all.

Dateline NBC broadcasted the UFO report, “10 Close Encounters Caught on Tape” on 18 May 2008; but the MSM news media corporations never show a U.S. government UFO document in their UFO TV reports.

So why doesn't the MSM crowd look at the best UFO evidence available?
NASA TV UFOs: STS-128 (ISS assembly flight 17A):
Small Unknown Object Manoeuvres near the ISS,

30 August 2009

The NASA camera operator follows the unknown object, which flies very close to the ISS, with the camera. After a while the object returns and flies in the opposite direction:

It’s rather puzzling that nothing ever hits and damages the ISS or Space Shuttle, since NASA insists that every object we see up there is either Space debris or an ice particle.

The NASA STS-128 (ISS assembly flight 17A)
Space Shuttle Discovery mission:

Launch date: 28 August 2009 -
Landing date: 10 September 2009.