Saturday, 8 August 2015

UFO TV Talk Show (Excerpt):
UFO Filmed Over Arendal (Norway) On 3 July 1990
(Freeze-frame and Zoom Footage)

(TV3 Norge, Oslo, Norway)

Source: TVUFOFootage (YouTube channel)

The UFO video was presented during a UFO TV talk show in the 1990s:

In this clip, the TV host interviews UFO-Norge (Norway) representative Ole Jonny Braenne.

Several other people also sighted the UFO, according to Braenne.

The freeze-frame seems to show a disk shaped UFO with a dome.

The UFO was recorded by Leonard Tønnesen.

I also reported about this UFO video on 9 March 2013:


( image)

Satellite photo of ArendalNorway (
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