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UFO News Article:
Mysterious Aerial Visitor Appears in Two
States Within a Period of Half an Hour.”

10 April 1897
(Chicago Tribune, Illinois)


The whole article:
Wausau, Wis., April 9.—[Special.]—The airship made its appearance in Wausau last night about 10 o’clock and was viewed by at least 100 citizens. It came from the southeast, passing over the city going northwest. Lights could be seen attached to the ship. A dim outline of it could be seen, which appeared to be shaped like an egg.

Nebraska City, Neb., April 9.—[Special.]—At 9:30 o’clock last night several persons observed the lights of the supposed airship approaching from the southeast, and after passing over the city it disappeared, going due northwest when last seen.”

There were also several other airship sightings in the United States during April 1897.

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UFO News Article:
“ ‘Low And Big,’ Says Policeman”

19 November 1956
(Aberdeen Daily News, South Dakota)


The whole article:
“ ‘THE PRETTIEST sight we ever saw’ was one man’s description 
of the mysterious ball of light seen west of Aberdeen early Sunday 
(18 November 1956) morning by an Aberdeen farmer and three police officers.

Keith Lowary, who lives 1½ miles south of Aberdeen on U.S. 281, first spotted the red ball. After watching it for a while, he called the police station to see if it had any report on the unusual object.

When the call came about 1:50 a.m.; Desk Sgt. Stephen Oakes radioed the two police cars, which drove out to a spot on Melgaard Road and U.S. 281 to watch. In the cars were Capt. Irvin Albrecht, and Officers Walter Hartman and Orville Hanson.

Officer Hartman explained, ‘We watched for a while. It was the prettiest sight we ever saw.

‘We could pick out the object real quick. It was pretty darn low and looked pretty big,’ he continued.

The mysterious light wasn’t a round ball; it was shaped more like a football, Hartman explained. ‘It was a beautiful kind of red, then changed to orange, green and a real bright color.

‘It looked like someone was clicking switches,’ he commented.


The object, which was estimated by Hartman to be about 1,000 feet high, hovered in the sky, maneuvering westward and then coming back. The officers watched until it disappeared in the west, which was estimated to be 10-15 minutes.

The light was not obscured by clouds. Officer Hartman reported it was very easy to tell it wasn’t a star or an airplane as are usually seen. He also said the object maneuvered too easily and and too fast to be a balloon.

‘I wish we had gotten a shot at it,’  H a r t m a n  commented. ‘Maybe it would have come down or shot back or done something.’

The Aberdeen police department, through the state police radio, notified the Ellsworth Air Force Base at Rapid City. A patrol unit at Redfield reported seeing a strange light five or 10 miles west of Redfield at the same time.

The CAA was called but by the time the observer was ready with the binoculars, the object had disappeared, according to police reports.

The CAA observer who was called by Sgt. Coleman checked with binoculars and said he felt it was a star, the officer said.

Calls also were received by the CAA later in the morning (5:24 and 5:44 a.m.) about another bright light over the city.

The observer who watched with binoculars from the roof of the administration building at the Municipal Airport was unable to cite anything unusual, the log entries stated.


The planet, Venus, was particularly bright Sunday morning, he did note.

A Mobridge police officer Saturday night told of seeing ‘a fireball, whitish in color, and jagged, not perfectly round,’ one night earlier in the week. He thought it was Tuesday night but made no entry on the police blotter so isn’t certain.

Another patrolman reported seeing a strange ‘craft’ a couple of nights later in the McLaughlin area. He described it as ‘cone shaped and all red.’ This object was ‘traveling fast’ he reported.

The strange objects, whatever they are, also have been reported in western Minnesota, in western North Dakota, and in the Rapid City area in the past week.

Two Faulkton men saw a strange object in the sky near Redfield last Tuesday (13 November 1956) night.”

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UFO News Article:
Low-Flying ‘Saucer’ Spotted in S.D.”

26 November 1956
(The Austin Daily Herald, Austin, Minnesota)


The whole article:
“Two state employes, including a state highway motor patrolman, early Sunday (25 November 1956) saw a strange object in the sky and said firmly, ‘we know it wasn’t a plane.’

Patrolman Don Kelm and Jack Peters, dispatcher for the state police radio system, said they got within a block of the thing and attempted to take a picture of it.

The ‘saucer’ or whatever it may have been, was seen at 12:43 a.m. Sunday in a gully about 23 miles east of Pierre on state 34.

The two estimated that the bright red object was hovering about 50 to 100 feet above the ground. They watched it for more than a half hour.

‘It was deep red in color, changed to light red as it rose to an altitude of about 7,000 feet,’ Kelm and Peters said.

The two were looking for a stolen pickup truck when they spotted the object.

They reported they watched the thing for awhile and then started back to Pierre. It appeared to be following them and they messaged Patrol Capt. Don Sheppard, who was patrolling west of Fort Pierre. Before Sheppard could reach the area, the object had moved out of sight to the west.

‘It was shaped like half an egg shell with the bottom round,’ Peters said.

‘It appeared like someone was shining a red light on a mirror. There was enough light from it to make the center lines of the highway gleam.’

Kelm said the object appeared about the size of an ‘ordinary car.’

Peters said he took several pictures of the object, using a fence post to steady the camera. The negative, developed in the state law enforcement laboratory, appeared to show a dot of light in the dark. There was no rectangular shape as the men reported the object appeared to have to the naked eye.

Kelm and Peters said there was no sound from the object.

At Rapid City, it was reported radar screens had picked up a strange object in the vicinity of Hot Springs. Interceptors were sent aloft to try to contact the unidentified objects, according to word received at Pierre.”

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