Tuesday, 19 April 2011

UFO News Article:
“Weather observer sees something new in sky”,
20 October 1975 (Lawrence Daily Journal-World, Kansas)

Weather observer Richard Ross from the Kansas University station sighted 2 UFOs over the Boonville, Missouri area on 18 October 1975, around dusk, according to the article:


Quote from the article:
“ ‘We were about 10 miles west of Boonville on I-70 when I saw two lighted spheres,’ Ross related today. ‘We weren’t the only ones. About 50 or 60 cars had pulled off the road to watch – and we saw them for about a half hour as we drove on.’ ”

Boonville is situated halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri.

Map of Missouri
(missouri-map.org imag)
UFO News Article:
“Bright light at Russell Field –
Observer, radar spot Rome UFO”,
3 April 1975 (Rome News-Tribune, Georgia)

Rome News-Tribune reports on the 2 April 1975 (5:45 a.m.) (not October 1975 as mentioned in the 16 May 1977 article) Rome, Georgia UFO sighting by weather observer Juanita Lester:


The spherical shaped, basketball-sized UFO hovered over a weather vane at Richard B. Russell Regional Airport for about ten minutes.

Mrs. Lester also recounts a UFO incident she witnessed over the airport around 1960.

Map of Georgia, U.S.
(nationsonline.org image)
UFO News Article:
“Thousands See Flying Objects In Southwest”,
4 August 1965 (Rome News-Tribune, Georgia)

Thousands of people sighted UFOs over the U.S. Midlands and South-West on 3 August 1965, the Rome News-Tribune reports:


Quote from the article:
“An Air Force weather observer in Oklahoma City has repeatedly seen unusual objects in the skies, and said they are ‘no mirage.’

One of the objects ‘looked like it had a flat top and a flat bottom, and it was not a true sphere,’ the observer said.

‘There were two rings around it and the rings were part of the main body.’

Two newsmen got pictures of UFOs.”

Aerial view of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
(kansas.com photo)