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UFO News Article:
“UFOs get reported to hotline”, 

30 August 1984
(The Evening News, NewburghBeacon, New York)

A UFO was sighted over New Croton Reservoir, Westchester County, New York on 25 or 26 August 1984, according to The Evening News:,3002711

NOTE: The newspaper date is 30 August 1984.

New Croton Reservoir, Croton-on-Hudson, New York 
( ( photo)
UFO News Article:
“Many UFO Sightings Predicted”, 7 June 1967
(Daytona Beach Morning Journal, Florida)

This is an article regarding the UFO research work of George D. Fawcett:,1488123

Quote from the article:
“In a new book just off the press, entitled ‘The Flying Saucer Menace,’ Fawcett is reported to have said he feels ‘our national defense may be seriously threatened by the constant appearance of UFOs over power lines and reservoirs.’ ”

George D. Fawcett, U.S. UFO Author, Lecturer & Researcher
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“Los Banos, Coulterville Report UFO Sightings”,
24 August 1967
(The Modesto Bee and News-Herald, California)

2 UFOs were sighted over Los Banos, California on 22 August 1967, according to The Modesto Bee:,5056518

UFO sightings were also made by several Coulterville residents. The first UFO reports came from Coulterville.

Quote from the article:
“Merced County Sherriff’s Deputy Angelo Aspesi said one of the UFOs was first spotted by Vincent Hillyer shortly after 11 o’clock over the general area of O’Neill Reservoir at the San Luis Project. Aspesi said he spotted another at 2 a.m. today (24 August), but observed it for only a short time.”

NOTE: The newspaper date is 24 August 1967.

O’Neill Forebay, San Luis Reservoir, California
(Catch-N-Eat (YouTube channel)/ image)
UFO News Article:
“Noblesville Cop Spots UFO Over Reservoir”,
18 October 1973 (Times-Union, Warsaw, Indiana)

Noblesville, Indiana police officer Herschel Fueston sighted an oblong UFO over Morse Reservoir, Indiana on the night of 17 October 1973, the Times-Union reports:,2197019

Three civilians in the area also sighted the UFO, according to Fueston.

Morse Reservoir/Morse Lake, Noblesville, Indiana
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“Many claim UFO seen over O'Hara”,
9 March 1978 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pennsylvania)

The UFO sighting by Glenn A. Ricci and Claire Gallery (Highland Park Reservoir, 1 March 1978, around 10.30 p.m.) was corroborated by several Pittsburgh residents, according to the article:,3564944

Quote from the article:“ ‘We’ve received nearly 150 calls from the Pittsburgh area,’ Barbara Tobias, secretary-treasurer of the center (Pennsylvania Center for UFO Research), said yesterday. She estimated ‘maybe 20 percent of the calls’ came from the O’Hara vicinity.”

O’Hara Township is situated 3.4 kilometres (2 miles) north of Highland Park Reservoir.

Satellite photo of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“Believe Flying Doughnut? – Maybe A Fiery Stop Sign?”,
7 December 1966
(The Spartanburg Herald, South Carolina)

This is an article by U.S. UFO researcher John A. Keel regarding the late 1966 U.S. UFO wave and UFO sightings in Australia:,1348266

The article continues on page 13 (Google News).

Quote from the article:
“On Oct. 30, Dr. Harry Neilsen, a dentist from Darien, Conn., was driving past the Saugatuck Reservoir when he saw what he later described as ‘a large triangular glow bearing red and white lights.’ It seemed to be hovering at a low altitude over the reservoir. That same night, other witnesses on Long Island reported seeing a low-flying triangular object which emitted a ‘shrieking sound.’ The areas of these sights were in a direct line with the Connecticut Reservoir area on the other side of Long Island Sound.

POLICE OFFICERS, civil defense officials, and many others reported seeing brilliant flying lights and triangular objects over the Wanaque (New Jersey) Reservoir on several occasions this fall. Unidentified flying objects also appeared, according to many witnesses, over several other lakes and reservoirs across the country.”

Saugatuck Reservoir, Redding, Connecticut
( photo)

Aerial view of Wanaque and Wanaque Reservoir, New Jersey
( (Erlend Bjørtvedt/ photo)
UFO News Article:
“UFO Tale Told; Reports Compared”,
4 March 1978 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pennsylvania)

Glenn A. Ricci and Claire Gallery sighted a UFO over Highland Park Reservoir on 1 March 1978, around 10:30 p.m., the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:,4291458

Highland Park Reservoir, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
( photo)

UFO News Article:
“Witnesses Claim UFOs Over Area”,
4 August 1966 (Schenectady Gazette, New York)

Schenectady Gazette received three UFO sighting reports on the night of 3 August 1966, according to the article:,775472

Quote from the article:
“First report was from a motorist traveling over the Dunnsville road around 8:20, who saw a bright, stationary object high in the sky over the Watervliet reservoir. The object was immobile for some time, then ‘picked up terrific speed and disappeared,’ she said.”

Watervliet Reservoir, Guilderland, New York
( photo)