Thursday, 2 February 2012

UFO News Article/TV News Report:
“UFO Spotted in Dublin/Sightings in Mid Ga on the Rise”,
27 January 2012

(WGXA Fox 24 NewsCentral, Macon, Georgia)

This is a NewsCentral article/TV report regarding a late January 2012 Dublin, Georgia UFO sighting:

Dublin is located in Laurens County, Central Georgia.

“Dublin, Georgia” (

County map of Georgia ( ( image)
UFO News Article & Video:
“UFO boven de Waddenzee?”
(“UFO over the Wadden Sea?”),
1 February 2012 (VPRO, Hilversum, The Netherlands)

The Dutch public broadcaster filmed an unknown object (by a helicopter camera) over the Wadden Sea (between Harlingen and Terschelling) on 23 October 2011, between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m., according to the article:

The UFO footage comes from the TV programme, “Nederland van Boven.”

UFO News Article & Radio Interview:
“Impactante. Avistan un OVNI en Laguna del Saladillo,

Orán. Declaraciónes y Fotos de un Testigo (audio)”
(“Shocking. A UFO Sighted in Laguna del Saladillo, Orán.
Statements and Photos by a Witness (audio)”),
10 January 2012

(Nueva Radio Cadena Noa, Orán, Argentina)

Juan Schorr, an Orán city official, photographed (4 photos) a UFO over Arenales Street (the Laguna Saladillo area), Orán (Salta, Northern Argentina) on 9 January 2012, at around 2:35 p.m., according to Nueva Radio Cadena Noa:

English translation:

Nueva Radio Cadena Noa also presents a video interview pertaining to this UFO case.

( photo)
Government UFO Article:
“Laguna Saladillo:
Funcionarios municipales avistan un OVNI”
(“Laguna Saladillo: City official sighted a UFO”),
10 January 2012 (, Orán, Argentina)

Juan Schorr, an Orán city official, photographed (4 photos) a spherical shaped UFO over the Laguna Saladillo area, Orán (Salta, Northern Argentina), reports:

English translation:

The UFO made a buzzing sound, according to Schorr.

The UFO was photographed on 9 January 2012, at around 2:35 p.m.

Oran is situated 1402 kilometres (871 miles) north-west of Buenos Aires.

The city of San Ramón de la Nueva Orán is usually referred to simply as Orán.

( photo)

( photo)