Thursday, 12 January 2012

UFO TV News Report:
Caso Miguel Leão (The Miguel Leão Case),
1999 (Rede Meio Norte, Teresina, Brazil)

Wellington Raulino reports on a 1999 Miguel Leão, Piauí, Brazil UFO flap:

The TV report contains two short UFO videos (daytime and night-time, at 22 seconds and 4:14 minutes into the video).

The village of Miguel Leão is situated 66 kilometres (41 miles) south of Teresina, according to Google Earth.

Map of Piauí, Brazil (graphics/piaui.gif)
( image)
Air Traffic Control Audio:
Pilot UFO Sighting: Cleveland ATC

Cleveland (Ohio) Air Traffic Control communication with pilots (Air Shuttle 5959 and Masaba 3179) sighting a UFO:

The incident date was 28 February 1996, at 0:50 a.m., according to the video source.

UFO Video Interview:
Entrevista com o Tenente Pilar – UFOs em Miguel Leão
(Interview with Lieutenant Pilar – UFOs in Miguel Leão)

In this interview, Lieutenant Pilar, former sheriff of Miguel Leão, confirms that the Miguel Leão Police Department received more than forty UFO reports during the 1999 UFO flap: (1) (2)

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) also investigated the UFO incidents, according to the video source.

Lieutenant Pilar,
former Sheriff of Miguel Leão, Piauí, Brazil
UFO TV News Report:
Brasil: Arquivos da Aeronáutica (FAB) –

de avistamento de Óvnis vêm a público
(Brazil: Brazilian Air Force (FAB) archives –

UFO sightings have been made ​​public)
(Unknown Date)
(Jornal da Record, Rede Record, São Paulo, Brazil)

Rede Record reports on released official Brazilian Air Force (FAB) UFO documents:

One of the UFO files deals with a 2003 UFO sighting by a VARIG crew. The UFO followed the airliner for three hours without appearing on the radar screen.

UFO TV News Report:
UFO Appearances in Dias D'ávila, Bahia, Brazil,
1997 (TV Bahia, Salvador, Brazil)

TV Bahia reports on the research work of the UFO group, UFOBAHIA: