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UFO News Articles:
“UFO in Surnadal?” / “Asking people to report light”, 2 / 3 November 2008 (Tidens Krav, Kristiansund)

At almost exactly the same time as a UFO flew over Pueblo, Colorado during the Democratic Party’s U.S. Election 2008 meeting on 1 November 2008, at 4:30 p.m. MDT (, 42-year-old Peder Storholt had his own UFO experience east of Surnadal, Norway on 1 November 2008, at 10:00 p.m. CET

A 100 metres (not 100 yards as mentioned in the translated article) long, cylindrical shaped object suddenly started to pace his car. The UFO flew 30-40 metres above the car. Storholt could see two rows of lights on each side of the UFO.

When Storholt slowed down to 60km/h, the UFO did the same. After having paced the car for 10-12 seconds, the UFO accelerated at incredible speed before it veered to the right and disappeared over a mountain ridge. And after Storholt had parked the car in his garage — he discovered that the car roof was extremely hot.

“It was a great life experience,” Storholt said in the Tidens Krav interview!

Storholt was driving towards the west, near Ranes, when he sighted the UFO.

Several other people had also sighted self-luminous UFOs in the general area near Surnadal around the time Storholt sighted the UFO.

NOTE: The correct translation of the ninth paragraph in the “Asking people to report light” article is as follows:
“According to L√łken (UFO-Norway), both civilian and military air traffic control centres have confirmed that there were no flights or military exercises in the Surnadal area on 1 November 2008, at 10:00 p.m.”

“UFO in Surnadal?”,
2 November 2008 (Tidens Krav, Kristiansund):

“Asking people to report light”,
3 November 2008 (Tidens Krav, Kristiansund):

The UFO sighting took place at these coordinates (Google Earth):
62°58'35.00" N 8°45'53.00" E

Surnadal, Norway (
( photo)