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UFO Case Directory:
“Group/Category 4, Animal Effect Cases –
Rosedale, Victoria, Australia –
September 30, 1980 –
* Also listed as a Category 6, Trace case”


Quote from the UFO case directory:
Animal Reaction Feature:
About 1 a.m. on a clear, calm, moon lit night, George Blackwell, 54, farm hand and caretaker, was awakened by a screeching whistle and the sounds of cattle bellowing and of a horse running about as if panicked.  Looking out, he saw the cattle up in one corner of a paddock and the horse was running in a circle in a small paddock.  He also saw an object with lights moving 8-10 feet above the ground.  It was not illuminating the ground.  For about 2 minutes, still making a whistling sound, the object moved about, passing near a shed, a hedge estimated 500 feet away, and a silo, and it hovered for a minute over a water tank, before settling on the ground.

Dressing and going out on his motorbike, Blackwell rode toward the landed object, which was continuing to make a whistling sound.  Stopping to open a gate, a disturbed cow, frothing at the mouth, came through the gate and hid itself in an adjacent shed.  Blackwell rode his bike to 50 feet from the object and watched until it took off.

A week after this event, cattle were still having to be rounded up to the east (at the end of a large paddock), and the stock would not go near the area of landing, marked by a dark ring on the ground.”

Satellite photo of Rosedale, Victoria, Australia (
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UFO News Article:
“Aussie Sure UFO Damaged Trees”

8 February 1980
(Spokane Daily Chronicle, Washington)

Quote from the article:
“An unidentified flying object may have made an emergency landing in some trees near the small South Australian town of Stirling, a UFO research group said today.

But police are making no comment except to say there are unexplained broken branches and no other physical evidence.

A 21-year-old claimed to have seen a ‘speedboat-shaped yellow thing’ Thursday night (7 February 1980) in some trees near the horse farm where he works.

Daryl Browne told police late that night that his dogs began howling while he sat watching TV.

‘And then I heard the trees smashing. I locked the kids inside and went outside with a torch,’ he said.

He said he shone the flashlight up into the trees and saw the object. ‘It was about 25 to 35 feet long,’ he said, adding that it had not emitted any sound or light.

The damage to the trees was about 100 feet from the ground.

C.O. Norris of the Australian International UFO Research Group said the scene revealed many of the classic signs of a UFO landing.

There were very high infra-red readings at the site on today, he said. The dogs’ howling probably indicated the UFO’s noise was above the human hearing range, as dogs can hear higher-pitched sounds than people can, and the layout of the land and vegetation were typical of other reported UFO landing sites, he said.

Satellite photo of Stirling, South Australia, Australia (
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