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UFO News Article:
“UFO sightings reported here”,
14 May 1977 (Anchorage Daily News, Alaska)

A Northwest Orient Airline crew sighted a UFO near Anchorage, Alaska on 23 April 1977, the Anchorage Daily News reports:,1350113

And Terry Siegrist, an air traffic controller at Anchorage International Airport, reported that 4 UFOs appeared on his radar scope about 48 kilometres (30 miles) east of Anchorage. The UFOs came to a full stop before flying off to the east, Siegrist said.

Quote from the article:
“Reports of the eerie sight have been confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration.”

The UFO incident was uncovered by KANC radio announcer Pat Fullerton.

Aerial view of Anchorage, Alaska
( photo)

UFO Technical Report:
“Aircrew Survey Project”
by Dr. Richard F. Haines ant Ted Roe, 2001 (NARCAP)

The paper presents the results of a confidential aircrew survey presented to 298 currently rated and flying commercial pilots employed by a U.S. airline, according to Haines and Roe:

( image)
AF Requests Plane Loaded 
With Passengers To Chase UFO, 
April 8, 1956, New York State”

Captain Raymond Ryan and First Officer William Neff (American Airlines) followed a UFO across New York State on 8 April 1956, according to NICAP:

The pilots first sighted the UFO over Schenectady, New York. presents U.S. government (U.S. Air Force) documents that pertain to the UFO case.

Satellite photo of Schenectady, New York (
( photo)
UFO Report:
“The 1958 UFO Chronology”, 2006, 2010 (

The pilot of Capitol Airlines Flight 407 sighted a UFO over Alexandria, Virginia, on 7 October 1958, at 6:02 p.m. EDT, NICAP reports:

John R. Townsend, Special Assistant for Research & Engineering to the Assistant Secretary of Defense also sighted the UFO.

Satellite photo of Alexandria, Virginia (
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UFO Newspaper Forum Letter:
“The Blade’s Daily Forum: Still with Us”,
21 November 1958 (Toledo Blade, Ohio)

Alfred J. Franklin, president of the Toledo Aerial Phenomena Society, reports on several UFO sightings that occurred in 1958:,746728

Quote from the letter:
“Oct. 15, objects seen over several southeastern states by airline pilots and reported to CAA.

A very dramatic sighting occurred on Oct. 3 over central Indiana, when a huge UFO was clearly seen by the five-member crew of a fright train as it followed them for 40 miles from Rossville to Kirklin.”

Franklin’s report is based on a special NICAP bulletin.

Kirklin, Indiana
( photo)