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UFO News Article:
“State UFO Sightings Follow Global Patterns”,
19 August 1971 (Kingsport Post, Tennessee)

The Kingsport Post informs about UFO incidents that have occurred in Tennessee throughout the years:

On 11 July 1950, the pilots R. E. Moore and J. W. Martin (flying slow training airplanes), from the Millington Naval Air Station near Memphis, sighted a UFO with a dome on top. Electronics Technician G. D. Wehner (on board Moore’s airplane) caught the UFO on the radar scope.

Several Shenandoah Heights residents sighted a disk shaped UFO with a dome on top on 10 October 1967, at around 10:15 p.m., according to the article.

Quote from the article:
“1968 was the year that Kingsport came under the ‘watchful eye’ of the UFO visitations.”

Kingsport, Tennessee” (City-Data.com):


Satellite photo of Kingsport, Tennessee (city-data.com)
(city-data.com photo)
Australian UFO TV News Reports:
The Knowles Family UFO Encounter

The UFO incident occurred between Madura and Mundrabilla 
(the Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia) on 20 January 1988, 
at 5:30 a.m. (according to The Age and 7 News).

The UFO was also sighted by other persons who were driving on the highway.

The crews on board two fishing trawlers off the Nullarbor Plain sighted the same or a similar UFO, according to the second TV report.

Madura is situated 114 kilometres (71 miles) west of Mundrabilla.

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Satellite photo of MundrabillaAustralia (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)