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UFO News Article:
“Policeman, UFO Play Tag”

16 November 1973
(Miami News-Record, Oklahoma)


The whole article:
“A western Oklahoma police officer said an unidentified flying object played tag with his patrol car early today [16 November 1973] and another UFO landed on the highway behind him when he wasn’t looking.

‘We were watching one of them up in the air and everywhere we would go, it would go,’ Erick Patrolman John Roberts reported. ‘Then I looked in the rear view mirror and there was another one. It had landed on the road about 500 yards behind us.’

Roberts said he and his companions, Freddie Ross and Preston Crosby, both 17 and Erick residents, tried to approach the UFO that landed but it disappeared.

‘Just as we turned around, it was just like somebody had switched off a light switch,’ he said. ‘It was gone.’

The other UFO remained in view about 45 minutes, he said.

‘The one that stayed up was like a bright red and was a sort of pulsating light,’ Roberts said. ‘It would get real bright and then go dim and then bright again. It finally turned a sort of burnt orange.

‘The one I saw in the rear view mirror was a real brilliant blue and it had a constant glow. It was so bright we couldn’t make out any shape to it.’

Roberts said he was on patrol when two youths called his attention to the light in the sky.

‘The one we watched the longest would sort of dart in and out when we moved,’ he said. ‘When we would go toward it, then it would move away. When we went the other way, it was right with us.

‘Sometimes it would zig-zag out in front of us and dart around. Finally it just got a way off and disappeared.’

Roberts said the movements of the objects were ‘too sharp’ for them to have been helicopters of airplanes.

‘I can’t explain what they were but I am convinced there is some sort of UFOs out there,’ he said. ‘I couldn’t believe anything else after what I saw this morning.’ ”

My comment:
A similar UFO incident that also involved police officers occurred in Brownsville, Texas, on 14 November 1973.

The UFO followed the car for 32 kilometres (20 miles). When the driver stopped the car, the unknown object also would stop and when the car speeded up, the unknown object followed suit.

Law enforcement officers in Harlingen and San Benito also sighted the UFO.

Brownsville is the southernmost city in Texas.

See the below link to find the news article.

Wikipedia article: “Erick, Oklahoma”:

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Erick, Oklahoma
(Photo: Google)

Location [of Erick] in Beckham County and the state of Oklahoma
(Text: Wikipedia) (Image:

Satellite photo of Erick, Oklahoma (

UFO News Article:
“UFO Sighted On FM 413;
Followed Car For Miles –
Dim, Bright, Three Pointed”

22 November 1973
(The Rosebud News, Texas)


The whole article:
“ ‘It chased us, and we were scared, and our boys were scared,’ 
so said Mrs. Fay Seeley and Mrs. Fay Hileman Sunday night 
(18 November 1973) when they saw an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) on FM 413 between Kendrick Ranch entrance and the Brazos River.

‘This is just too much. I know that people are just going to laugh at us. It is something you read in the papers and laugh at yourself, but our children saw it too, and we are all still scared,’ told Mrs. Seeley late Sunday night.

Mrs. Seeley, her sons Richard, 13, and Russell, 8, Mrs. Hileman and her son Richard, 7, were returning to Rosebud from a deer hunt near Buffalo. They were traveling on State Highway 14 and were nearing Bremond when Mrs. Hileman noticed a bright, then dimming light low in the sky. ‘I said nothing about it, because I thought it was a helicopter. I first told the others about it when we were on the highway between Bremond and State 6. They all began watching it then. It was when we turned from State 6 onto FM 1373 that we really noticed that something was really  happening, because first it was on our left side, then quicker than the eye could see, it was on our right,’ she said.

Richard Seeley told, ‘It was following us, but I did not say much about it. I knew that my mama was worried, and I was scared myself.’

They kept driving west on FM 413 and saw that the thing dimmed and got brighter, and seemed to disappear, but that when they neared the Brazos River Bridge, it appeared again, and they slowed down.

‘We were near the Kendrick Ranch house alongside the highway, and I saw that the thing was going to land in front of us on the highway. It never did land but was about treetop high and was blocking my way, so I stopped. No, I did not stop, I don’t think. I whirled the car around and got out of there fast as I could, and it still followed us and stayed behind us and I was driving as fast as I could but it was still right there all the time, but when we got to Reagan and got back on State 6 we were behind another car and the thing just seemed to lift up and disappear,’ so related Mrs. Seeley.

Richard Seeley was asked what the UFO looked like to him, and he said, ‘I don’t know, but it was pointed on top.’

Mrs. Hileman told that, ‘it was, I guess sort of round and had a point on top and two on the bottom. When it would be bright, I could not see the points too well, but when it got dimmer, you could see the points real well, and there were the shadows it cast when it was just over the highway.’ I just wish that Cecil (Tiny) would have been with us, because he will never believe this.’

A call was made to Mrs. Seeley Monday morning, and she tells, ‘I just do not believe that the thing would have let me drive on any farther. I did not sleep last night, and may not sleep any tonight. I just know that the thing would not have let me go by.’

Were there others that saw this UFO? Well, maybe. Four of us Killgores were riding back along this same highway about 8 p.m. Sunday, and the question was asked, ‘Is that the comet?’ Off toward the south was a star-like object that would glow a bit, then get dimmer, but it seemed a long way off.

On Saturday evening Mrs. Weldon Walston told of seeing a bright light to the south of their home near Powers Chapel. On Sunday night Homer Seeley told that he noticed a brightness outside their home in the Pleasant Grove community. Mrs. Myrtle Scarborough told of seeing something bright crossing the sky from south to east at Wilderville store. This has been seen a couple of times in the past few days. A motorist told Marlin police recently about such an object following his car along State 6 from the Reagan to Marlin route.

Is there such a thing? Some say ‘Yes, I believe it.’ Others just laugh when told the story. There are scientists who say that there are such things and there are supposedly photos taken of such objects in the sky.

Should anyone in the area see another such UFO, they are urged to contact this writer in Rosebud at any time of the day or night.”

My comment:
The UFO was first sighted near Bremond, Texas, according to the article.

Bremond’s location is 7.5 kilometres (4.7 miles) to the north of the Twin Oaks Power Station, according to Google Earth.

I also reported about this UFO case on 29 January 2011 and 
28 July 2019.

Wikipedia article: “Bremond, Texas”:

Wikipedia article: “Rosebud, Texas”:

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(Image: The Rosebud News)

Bremond and Twin Oaks Power Station, Texas
(Photo: Google)

Map of Falls County, Texas, highlighting Rosebud
(Text: Wikipedia) (Image:

Satellite photo of Rosebud, Texas (

UFO News Article:
“To Check On Sightings Of UFOs In Pa.”

25 March 1977
(The Gettysburg Times, Pennsylvania)


The article reports on the UFO research work of Robert Cowell of Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

Quote from the article:
“Because he is the closest to the area where the sightings were made, Cowell will travel this weekend to collect firsthand accounts of people who saw the UFO’s Saturday and Monday nights [19 and 21 March 1977].


State Police Trooper Phillip Dale of the Punxsutawney barracks was dispatched Saturday to investigate a report from two frightened women who said a UFO followed their car at close range.

Dale told The Associated Press that he saw a ‘cream-colored bright light very low in the horizon.

‘I called the barracks, which was about 10 miles from where I was, and they told me they could see an object from there. I looked off in the direction they could have been looking and saw another object very high in the sky.


‘It appeared to rotate counterclockwise and had pulsating red and blue-green lights,’ Dale said.

Cowell said he is most impressed by Dale’s comments and by those of a police officer in Reynoldsville.

‘Police are trained to be qualified observers. When they see something that is unusual and report it, you have to believe them a little bit. After all, they can’t make things up and keep their jobs.”

My comment:
Once again – we have a case where a UFO follows a car with two women. See the below links to find two other news articles (both have UFO images) that describe the same scenario.
Wikipedia article: “Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania”:

Wikipedia article: “Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania”:

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Punxsutawney and Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania
(Photo: Google)

Location of Punxsutawney in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.
(Text: Wikipedia) (Image:

Location of Reynoldsville in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.
(Text: Wikipedia) (Image: