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UFO News Article:
“Chased by Mysterious Light”,
8 November 2007 (NRK, Oslo, Norway)

On 8 October 2007, Anne Gjertsås and her 26-year-old daughter, Bente Renè Linmo, were driving from Sørli to Steinkjer (north of Trondheim). Shortly before 10:30 p.m. they sighted something out of the ordinary.

When they had passed Lifjellet, the two women started talking about that they felt a strange sensation. They had not yet seen the unknown light.

“We had driven down from the mountain (Lifjellet) and after a short while both of us got a strange sensation. We know this area very well, but now we didn’t recognise the area we were driving through,” says Linmo.

Anne Gjertsås confirms her daughter’s story.

“Suddenly we saw an unknown light and asked ourselves what the object could be. At first we thought that it maybe was some road work which was going on, but it was too late at night for that,” says Linmo.

Gjertsås was really frightened and drove under the strange light, which was flying 20 metres above them. After a short while they stopped beside the road.

“I grabbed the camera in my purse. Then I leaned out of the window and took the photograph. Everything happened so fast that I didn’t have time to become frightened,” says Linmo.

Even though she managed to photograph the object, the object doesn’t look the same in the photo as when it was sighted visually.

The unknown object also had red and green blinking lights, according to this article. The red lights are very visible in the photograph and one can also see green lights above the white light.

“Except the bright, white, spherical shaped light at the bottom of the object, I don’t recognise the object’s shape. The blinking lights we saw were much more visible,” says Linmo.

After having taken the photograph, we drove on to try to get away from the object. Linmo wanted that her mother turned the car around, so that they could take a closer look at the unknown object, but her mother refused.

“One fact which was strange about the bright, white light was that the it didn’t illuminate the terrain. It should also have illuminated the car, but it didn’t,” says Linmo.

When they started to drive away from the object, they noticed that the object began following them. After follwing the car for several minutes the object suddenly disappeared and the women started to relax.

“A few seconds went by without seeing the object. But when I looked out of the window I again saw the white light. The object now flew alongside the car,” says Gjertsås.

After having followed the car for a short while the object started to ascend and move away from the car.

“Then the object’s white light blinked two times and for the first time it illuminated the trees near it. Suddenly the object turned off the white light and the object was gone,” says Gjertsås.

Arnulf Løken, a UFO-Norge investigator, has seen the UFO photograph. He is of the opinion that this is an interesting UFO case, not least because of the photograph.

Løken follows certain procedures when he receives UFO reports like this, and he routinely contacted the Norwegian Military.

“When I contacted the Military I was informed that there was no military exercise under way in this area. And no other aircraft was registered in the area during this UFO incident. The Military at first thought that it might have been a helicopter, but since the object was completely silent they became uncertain about that theory,” says Løken.

“The incident was strange, but it was a fun experience,” says Bente Renè Linmo.

The NRK (Norway’s state broadcaster) article contains the UFO photograph taken by Bente Renè Linmo:

English translation:

The UFO was photographed near Grong. (Photo:

Satellite photo of Grong, Norway (