Wednesday, 18 November 2015

UFO Report:
“Subject: Skylab III Case, in Orbit,
over SW Indian Ocean, Sept. 20, 1973”

By Francis Ridge, 13 November 2012

Quote from the report:
“Fran Ridge:

In 1973 we had no large orbiting space station circling the Earth at a time when one of the largest UFO flaps to hit the planet was in progress. A document that was found indicates that the location was over the southwestern Indian Ocean during revolution # 1863. Astronauts Alan Bean, Owen Garriott and Jack Lousma spotted what they described as a red ‘satellite,’ which they photographed and mentioned during a subsequent debriefing. We have radio conversation (transcript only) with Houston CapCom about 4.5 hours after the sighting of this object. There was no man-made satellite that could explain this sighting and hence the object was truly anomalous.”

The 20 September 1973 Skylab III (NASA) UFO
( photo)

U.S. Government FAQ Web Page:
“General Astronaut FAQ”

(NASA, Washington, D.C.)

Quote from the web page:
I was wondering how many astronauts have sighted a UFO in space?

ANSWER from Tony Ceccacci on October 26, 1998:
The only astronaut that has talked openly about seeing a UFO during a shuttle flight was (ex astronaut) Story Musgrave. Others may have seen something but haven’t told anybody.”

Franklin Story Musgrave, U.S. Medical Doctor & NASA Astronaut
( photo)