Sunday, 20 September 2009

UFO Filmed during Recording of the TV Series,
‘Las Vegas’, Unknown Date, Daytime

The unknown object was filmed flying right under a private jet airplane. The footage was found in the ‘Urban Legend’ episode.

The UFO footage is analysed by the video source:

Ivan Ceci Blogspot ( article:
“UFO sighting during an episode of the television series
"Las Vegas"’:

UFO TV News Report: Mysterious Lights Captured
on Game Camera, Gladewater, Texas,
26 August 2009, Night-time (KLTV 7 News)

Don Noble’s game camera is placed near Gladewater Airport, according to this news report:

KLTV 7 News articles regarding the 3 East Texas game camera
images of mysterious lights:
“More mystery pictures found in deer cam” (with video):

“Images baffle East Texans” (with video):