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UFO News Article:
“UFO sightings reported here Friday”

Vol. 7, No. 17, 27 April 1967
(The Siuslaw News, Florence, Oregon)


The whole article:
“One of the unidentified flying objects (UFO) sightings in the area was reported Friday night, April 21, 1967, by Coast Guardsmen at the Siuslaw Life Boat Station. The incident occurred at about 10:15 p.m.

EN3 James Petr, officer of the day at the station, first noticed the oval-shaped object hovering about 100 feet about the whistle buoy, with SM Robert Harrington, watch tender, seeing it at about the same time. The buoy lies one mile offshore.

Both men said the unidentified object was ‘a lot bigger than the buoy.’ Both said the object’s upper half seemed bathed in a ‘pulsating’ ruby glow and the lower half in a gold light.

According to Dick Johnson, officer in charge, there was bright moonlight Friday night with visibility good at the station and out over the ocean.

Harrington and Petr called Johnson at his home, and Johnson estimated he arrived at the station in about five minutes.

He reported that he saw the unidentified object for about three minutes, but only in a pulsating red light before it ‘headed northwest at a pretty fast clip.’

Johnson said that he notified the Air Force in North Bend of the sighting.

As one Coast Guardsman said at he Siuslaw Station after watching the object hovering in the vicinity of the whistler buoy for the 15 minutes it was there, ‘I see it, but I don’t believe it.’ ”

U.S. Coast Guard Station Siuslaw River (Florence, Oregon) can be found at these coordinates (Google Earth):
44° 0'9.05"N 124° 7'16.35"W.

Wikipedia article: “List of United States Coast Guard stations”:

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UFO News Article:

8 November 1954  
(Speyerer Tagespost, Speyer, Germany)


Text by
“Here is a remarkable story published in the Speyerer Tagespost [German newspaper - Speyer Daily News–CF-], dated 8 Nov. 1954, & translated by the A.S.R.        

Three British submarines returned to Plymouth after manoeuvres held off the coast of Bristol. The Commander, Captain Chelwan, reported to his Admiral that he had seen ‘flying saucers’ floating on the sea approximately 11 nautical miles south of Lundy Island. He was able to take two photographs showing the objects. The research organisation for U.F.O.’s, formed about a year ago in London and attached to the High Command (Oberkommando), confiscated the films by the Admiral’s request and decided that they will be studied, evaluated, and released for publication at a later date. In the meantime, Captain Chelwan has been ordered to treat his encounter with the U.F.O.’s as a military secret and to instruct his officers and men accordingly.
Before this order was imposed, however, a newspaper man obtained a five-minute interview with Captain Chelwan. Here is the Captain’s story:
‘We surfaced near Lundy Island, and on opening the hatch, my engineer and I noticed, about a mile southwest, two silvery discs floating on the sea. As the sun was shining on the ripples, I thought at first that it was a light reflection, but presently we both heard a buzzing sound. We quickly grabbed our binoculars and examined the objects. They were shaped like a disc slightly elevated in the middle and had no windows, portholes, or other apertures. The elevated middle portion was stationery, but the flat outside portion, surrounding the middle portion like a collar, rotated slowly on the water.
‘We thought the objects measured approximately 100 feet across; the middle portion appeared to be not bigger than one-tenth of the whole disc. The outer portion, surrounding the centre piece, appeared not to be attached to it, as there was a gap between them measuring about two feet.
‘I must say we were very much surprised at the sight of these objects, and officers and men crowded the deck staring as if they were hypnotised. As the whole ‘show’ took only about 30 seconds, it was impossible to form a sober judgment. Their origin seems to be a puzzle; technically they seem far above anything we know. Obviously we all thought immediately that they were flying saucers. I intended to give an order to go at them full steam and if possible get alongside them, but the buzzing sound became higher and more urgent until the pitch was so high that it could not be heard any longer. The two discs mounted horizontally, turned sideways at about 300 feet, and disappeared in twenty seconds at a speed which I estimate to have been about 2,000 m.p.h., from the vision of our binoculars. At the same time a reddish glow surrounded the objects.’

The British Admiralty declared that the sighting is to be treated seriously, and the evaluation of it will take some time.
This reference: Australian Saucer Record, Vol. 2, No. 2, Second Quarter 1956                       
With thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS):”  

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