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UFO Article:
“Brad Sparks”

(Northern Ontario UFO Research and Study (NOUFORS),
Sudbury, Canada)

Quote from the article:
“Brad Sparks is a ufological researcher of high standing. He is a leading expert on the CIA Robertson Panel and the history of the CIA investigation of UFOs. He was the first researcher to discover that the Director of the CIA had been briefed on UFOs, the first to obtain the release of the CIA Director’s UFO briefing memos, and the first to obtain the release of the complete, uncensored and declassified CIA Robertson Panel report and Minutes, as well as many other important CIA documents, some of which have never been released again to the public.


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Brad Sparks, U.S. UFO Lecturer & Researcher
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UFO Mailing List Post:
“Fort Monmouth Incident –
UFO Updates Rebuttal”

By Brad Sparks, 26 April 2001
(UFO UpDates, Toronto, Canada)


Quote from the mailing list post:
“Subject: Re: Ft. Monmouth Revisited

I am puzzled that you (Manuel Borraz) recognize the fact right here at the outset that there were _TWO_ balloons not one, launched together at the same time from the same location (which you fail to mention), but there was only _ONE_ UFO, yet you never mention the two Balloons again?  In a few places you mention ‘balloons’ plural vaguely but in several Places you misleadingly talk about ‘the balloon’ and ‘a balloon.’ Is there any reason why you never mention two balloons again?  I am impelled to point this out each time below because this omission is fatal to your analysis.

How did you know there were two balloons launched?  Why didn’t you mention that they were not just vaguely ‘launched in the area’ as if_ unrelated to each other and in different locations, but launched at the exact same time at the exact same location?  Both balloons were tracked by radar together until they exploded at 104,000 feet some 79 minutes later, at an average ascent rate of about 1,300 ft/min, which will be very important for the analysis below.

Here are some strong arguments against the weather balloon theory in the material at the NICAP website which you do not mention had been made by the T-33 pilot Lt Wilbert S. Rogers literally on Day One of the public reporting back in 1951. Fifty years later we should recognize that this faulty theory has been challenged right from the outset by the key witnesses.

‘This couldn’t have been a balloon,’ Rogers said, ‘because it was descending and no balloon goes that fast.’

“Said Rogers:

“ ‘This couldn’t have been a balloon. It was describing a descending arc as we got within 8,000 feet of it. And it was going at twice our maximum speed. No balloon flies that fast. Why, we couldn’t have caught it in a World’s record F-86 Saber jet.’ ”
(INS, Sept 12, 1951: )”

This UFO incident occurred over Sandy Hook, New Jersey,
on 10 September 1951.

Aerial view of Sandy Hook, New Jersey (
( photo)

Map of New Jersey (
( image)

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Brad Sparks is one of the foremost researchers in the UFO field and was one of the founders of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) in 1977.

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Brad Sparks, U.S. UFO Lecturer & Researcher
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