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TV UFO Footage (NASA):
2 Unknown Objects Filmed From the ISS

Source: singleaple (YouTube channel)

The objects appear to move above the atmosphere.

I agree with the source of the footage, who writes that he does not believe that they are shooting stars. Shooting stars do not light up in outer space.

In my opinion – the objects are self-luminous – therefore they must be unidentified flying objects. Satellites are not self-luminous, for example. Satellites are illuminated by the Sun, and are visible from the ground, but, again, in my opinion – these objects are self-luminous. 

The validity of the footage cannot be questioned – since it comes from the International Space Station.

The unknown objects can be seen (repeated footage) at 0:18 (right side of the screen), 0:40, 0:58, 1:04 and 1:38.

It is not known when the footage was recorded.

Wikipedia article: “International Space Station”:

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International Space Station (ISS) (
( photo)

UFO Article (Redux):
The Marit Semeleng UFO Photograph,
Valdres Mountains, Norway,
Autumn 1983, Daytime
(with Involvement by the Royal Norwegian MoD)

UFO-Norge Web article by Odd-Gunnar Røed, UFO-Norge, 1996 in Norwegian (with UFO photograph):

Below you’ll find the UFO-Norge article, translated into English:
“Marit Semeleng from Valdres, Norway, experienced something strange on a berry picking trip together with her husband in the autumn of 1983. She saw and photographed a bin-like object in the sky before it suddenly disappeared after only 5-6 seconds.

A flying ‘trash bin’?

13 years ago, Marit Semeleng, who was then 66 years old, saw a strange phenomenon. Together with her husband, she was on a berry picking trip in the Valdres Mountains. She had just taken some photos with a camera (Kodak 224 with fixed optics) she had brought with her on their trip, when she suddenly saw a glare over their heads. The object was as bright as the sun, and she reacted almost on reflex and took a photograph, before the object disappeared for good. It all happened so fast that her husband didn’t see anything.

The result of her fast reaction can be seen in the photo. The object in the photograph is hard to make sense of, perhaps, but the fact that she saw this object and then photographed it, is a strong argument for that this photo shows something quite extraordinary. It is natural to compare the photographed object with an old trash bin. In addition, one can see two strong light sources on the front of the object.

The negative disappeared at the Norwegian MoD

Some years after the experience, she sent the negative of the photograph to an official at the Fagernes Police Office, who in turn sent it to an official at the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Defence’s Defence Intelligence Service. The latter person had previously been a police officer and was a friend of the officials at the Fagernes Police Office.

The negative disappeared at the Ministry of Defence and has not yet been delivered back to Marit Semeleng (as of 1996). She received a letter from the MoD, where she was told that the object, which is shown in the photo, is a damage on the film.

But then why not return the negative to the owner? Marit Semeleng is after all the rightful owner of the photo and she had seen the object she had photographed.

UFO-Norge is at the moment trying to locate the negative and we will write more about this story in number 4.

Mysterious tracks

Marit Semeleng stood in the woods, with a strange feeling of having witnessed something unexplainable. She had seen something highly luminous, silent and very fast-flying. The colour was intensely white. Marit Semeleng doesn’t know of anyone else, who has witnessed the same as she did.

Someone discovered strange vehicle tracks in the area, where the photo was taken, even though it’s only possible to get there by walking. The vehicle tracks were found on stone surface in the area.”

My comment: As seen in the Espevær, Norway, UFO case (the MoD investigated the case) and in this UFO photograph/witness case, one can clearly see that the Royal Norwegian MoD has an interest in the UFO phenomenon and take the subject seriously.

NOTE: An object which was similar to the object photographed by Marit Semeleng – was allegedly seen in Maine, U.S.A., in 1982.

See the following UFO Casebook article (and drawing in the UFO Magazine, Issue # 342, January 19, 2009): “Reader Recounts 1982 Encounter in Maine”:

Wikipedia article: “Norwegian Armed Forces”:

Wikipedia article: “Valdres”:

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I first presented this blog post on 18 January 2009.

UFO photographed over the Valdres Mountains, Norway,
autumn 1983 (Marit Semeleng photo/ image)

View over Begnadalen from Lærskogen, with the large woodland ranging all over to Randsfjorden on the left and Hedalsfjella in the right background [Valdres Mountains, Norway].
(text by Wikipedia) ( ( photo)

NASA Video:
“UFO Video Freeze-frames (NASA):
The ISS Passes UFO”

Source: TVUFOFootage (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“A TV documentary film showed a short NASA video – which shows the International Space Station passing a UFO.

These four video freeze-frames show that the ISS passes very close to the unknown object. Just compare freeze-frames No. 1 and 4. See how much larger the UFO looks in No. 1 than in No. 4. This is proof that the UFO is very close to the ISS.

The documentary was shown on the German documentary film TV channel, N24.

A shorter version of this UFO footage (see the UFODI video) was shown on a U.S. TV channel (I believe it was CNN, but I could be wrong). See how fast the video cuts back to the TV studio after the UFO has entered the screen!

‘UFODI: NASA Show Huge UFO On National TV 2014!’:

The NASA video was possibly recorded in 2014.”

Wikipedia article: “NASA”:

(NASA/N24/ image)