Wednesday, 7 August 2013

UFO News Article: “N.C. ranked fourth in UFO sightings”

6 January 1983 (Times-News, Hendersonville, North Carolina)

The Times-News informs about the UFO research work of George D. Fawcett:

The article reports on several 1982 North Carolina UFO cases, including a 19 April Monroe animal (dogs, cows and chickens) reaction case (UFO with red, blue, amber and white lights) and an 8 June Pineville UFO (whirring sounds) incident.

Pineville (south-west), Belmont, Mount Holly and Stanley are situated just west of Charlotte.

NOTE: The newspaper date is 6 January 1983.

“North Carolina Bigger Cities (over 6000 residents)” 

Map of North Carolina ( image)

UFO Article (Blog):
“RODEGHIER Tells You What You Need To Know: SSE Meeting 2103.”

By Dr. Michael D. Swords, 6 August 2013
(The Big Study)

Dr. Mark Rodeghier presented a lecture titled “Pattern Changes In The UFO Phenomenon,” Michael D. Swords writes:

The 2013 SSE Meeting (32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration) was held on 5-8 June 2013.

Dr. Mark Rodeghier, Astrophysicist, Sociologist,
President & Scientific Director of CUFOS
( photo)