Tuesday, 2 February 2010

UFO TV News Report:
“Flying Saucer Mystery!”,
1952 (British Pathé News, London, UK)

This TV news report presents a UFO (photographs) case from France and the 29 July 1952 Washington, D.C., Pentagon UFO press conference by Major General John A. Samford, U.S. Air Force (Samford retired as a Lieutenant General):


Video text:

American commentary, transcript on file.

MS. Men pointing up in the sky and on to photograph. CU's Photos of flying saucer (UFO) Unidentified flying object. LS. Man releasing meteorological balloon. LS. Balloon in air. CU's Photos of balloon and the flying saucer.

Washington, United States of America USA.

LS. Radar detecting equipment. LS. Interior of radar station. LS. Man checking radar screen. CU. Radar plotting chart. LS. Interior of lecture room. MS. General Sanford speaking into microphone. LS. Reporters listening in lecture room. MS. Sanford speaking (nat.snd.) ‘In pursuit of this obligation since 1947, we have received and analysed between one and two thousand reports that have come to us from all kinds of sources. Of this great mass of reports we have been able, adequately, to explain the great bulk of them, explain them to our own satisfaction. However, there have been a certain percentage of this volume of reports that have been made by credible observers, of relatively incredible things. It is this group of observations that we are now attempting to resolve. We have, as of date, only one firm conclusion with respect to this remaining percentage, that is that it does not contain any pattern of purpose or consistency and does not relate to any conceivable threat to the United States.’

(Comb. F.G.)”

(Source: nutsandbolts ufo (YouTube channel))

Major General John A. Samford, U.S. Air Force
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