Saturday, 12 August 2017

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UFO DNA UFO case report:
“9 December 1992 21:30
Sidney, Maine, USA

The whole UFO case report:
“Videos. Nocturnal lights over school, loud hum, shape indistinct, zigzagged.

Nocturnal lights were videotaped over a school in Sidney, Maine for three minutes at 9:30 p.m. (not a.m.). The shape of the object or objects behind the lights was indistinct, but there was a loud hum associated with the sighting. The lights zigzagged.

Objects were tracked by radar and sighted visually and videotaped. They zig-zagged through the air. Animal reactions to the objects were reported. More than one light was observed by two witnesses for over three minutes. A humming sound was heard.”

Location (of Sidney) in Kennebec County and the state of Maine
(text by Wikipedia) ( image)