Saturday, 27 June 2009

Unknown Object Filmed over (Central) Oslo, Norway,
27 June 2009, Daytime

The object can be seen 5 seconds into the video, at the left side of the screen (TV 2 broadcast):

By enlarging the freeze-frame image of the unknown object in the video, one can see that it's spherical shaped.

The object’s speed seems to rule out the balloon theory – because there was no wind (judging by the leaves on the trees) at the time of the sighting.

NOTE: On 18 July 2008 I posted a report regarding my three mid-June 2007 TV UFO sightings. One of the UFO sightings was a sighting of a UFO (which I videotaped) in a Dagsrevyen (NRK) TV news report.

My report regarding the Dagsrevyen UFO sighting follows:
The next sighting is the first 'real TV' UFO sighting I have seen on Norwegian TV. It occurred on 13 June 2007, a day after the previous sighting. During a Dagsrevyen (NRK) (the main news broadcast) news report regarding Norway’s Labour Union (Landsorganisasjonen, LO), a white, self-luminous, spherical shaped UFO was sighted while it flew slowly, right above the LO building in central Oslo, Norway.

In short – the two sighted unknown objects seem to be identical, flew over exactly the same area of Oslo, at approximately the same altitude, with the same speed, both were daytime sightings and the UFO sightings occurred on almost exactly the same date, two years apart!