Wednesday, 1 September 2010

UFO Radio Interview:
Dr. Bruce Maccabee,

26 August 2010 (Binnall of America)

Dr. Bruce Maccabee talks with host Tim Binnall about his over 40-year career investigating the UFO phenomenon:

Dr. Bruce Maccabee, U.S. Optical Physicist,
UFO Author & Researcher
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“Small Flying Saucer Sighted By 14 Hikers”,
30 July 1976 (The Ludington Daily News, Michigan)

Fourteen mountain hikers sighted a UFO over Blueberry Mountain, Connecticut on 28 July 1976, The Ludington Daily News reports:,2169413

Quote from the article:
“Camp Counselor Ira Leifer of New York told reporters the sighting occurred at about 3:45 p.m., as he and 13 campers, between 14 and 15 year old, hiked to the top of Blueberry Mountain, a 1,460-foot hill behind the camp (Camp Delaware, west of Winsted).”

The Day (New London, Connecticut) also reported on this UFO incident: “UFO spotted by campers in Winsted area”, 30 July 1976:,4706659

Camp Delaware Pond, Winsted, Connecticut ( photo)
UFO TV News Report:
Tim Ley Phoenix Lights TV Interview,
9 March 2007 (KTVK 3TV, Phoenix, Arizona)

Tim Ley was one of the many Phoenix residents who sighted the large triangular shaped UFO, which flew over the city on 13 March 1997:

Several of the other UFO witnesses are also interviewed by 3TV.

Tim Ley