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Triangular/Boomerang/Wing Shaped UFOs

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(Equilateral Triangle)




(V Shaped)

(V Shape)


(Flying Wing)

(Wing Shaped)

(Wing Shape)


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Freeze-frame from a video of one of the triangular shaped UFOs which were seen over Belgium during the 1989-1990 UFO wave
(Rai/ image)

( image)

UFO Lecture:
“A presentation by Chris Aubeck –
The Inhabited Sky –
How we came to believe in Alien Visitors”

Published: 30 November 2019
(UFO Denmark (YouTube channel) (run by UFO Danmark))

Chris Aubeck talks about historical UFO cases, according to the video text.

The lecture was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2019.

Chris Aubeck, UK UFO Researcher
(UFO Denmark/ image)

UFO Article:
“Nighttime encounter puts Navy pilot near UFO”

24 February 2020
(Mystery Wire, KLAS-TV, Las Vegas, Nevada)

Captain Les Horn, U.S. Navy (Ret.), encountered the unknown object (a light) between Indianapolis, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois, in 1966.

Horn flew a version of the subsonic carrier-capable attack airplane, Douglas A-4 Skyhawk.

“I knew that this was a large object,” Horn said in a 22 February 2020 Anchorage Press article (see below link).

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U.S. Navy Douglas A-4E Skyhawk (
( photo)

Map of Indiana (
( image)