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UFO News Article & TV Feature Report:
“UFO sightings in Manitoba date back to 1792 /

Updated: 16 July 2015
(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Ottawa, Canada)

The article includes an interview with UFO author and researcher Chris Rutkowski.

Map of Manitoba, Canada (
( image)

Map of Southern Manitoba, Canada (
( image)

Canadian Government UFO Document:
“Stefan MICHALAK -
Report of Unidentified Flying Object
Falcon Beach, Manitoba. 20 MAY 67”

26 June 1967
(Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Winnipeg, Canada)

Source: Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Canada

Stefan Michalak of Winnipeg, Canada, claimed he encountered two UFOs while prospecting near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada, on 20 May 1967, at 12:15 p.m.

One of the UFOs landed about 160 feet away from him. The door of the UFO opened. He approached the UFO and looked inside. After a few moments the UFO started to rotate and something like an exhaust vent was now in front of him. A blast of hot gas shot from the vent onto his chest, setting his shirts on fire and causing him severe pain. Burn marks in the shape of a grid were left on his chest. Michalak was hospitalised after the incident.

RCMP National Headquarters is located in Ottawa, Canada.

Wikipedia article: “Falcon Lake (Manitoba)”:

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( image)

Stephen Michalak (fourth from the left) together with the team that investigated the UFO case ( photo)

The cover of Michalak’s book showing his burnt glove, cap and
shirt ( ( photo)