Sunday, 20 September 2015

UFO Radio Interview:
“April 26, 2015 —
We Remember Tom Adams with David Perkins”

(The Paracast, U.S.A.)

Host Gene Steinberg and co-host Christopher O’Brien interview the U.S. UFO/animal mutilation researcher David Perkins:






David Perkins


Animal Mutilation Case Report:
“Investigation of an Animal Mutilation
Report in Cache County, Utah”

July 2002 
(National Institute for Discovery Science, Las Vegas, Nevada)

Source: Internet Archive, San Francisco, California

Quote from the report:
“NIDS was contacted on October 31, 2001 by a rancher to report the possible mutilation of a nine-month old Red Angus cross steer.”

Map of Cache County, Utah (
( image)

UFO/Animal Mutilation Video Interview:
Mike Freebury and David Cayton

Source: Richard Hall (YouTube channel)

Richard D. Hall (UK UFO/animal mutilation researcher) interviews the UK UFO/animal mutilation researchers Mike Freebury and David Cayton: (3/3)

News article about the research work of Mike Freebury:

David Cayton (left) and Mike Freebury
( image)