Monday, 28 February 2011

UFO News Article:
“Fotografian Ovni a 30 kilometros de Posadas”
(“UFO photographed 30 kilometres from Posadas”),
7 February 2011 (Misiones Online, Posadas, Argentina)

Luis Przysieznik photographed a bright, self-luminous UFO near Posadas, Misiones Province, Argentina in August 2010, according to the article:

English translation:

The UFO was photographed a few metres from a cow.

( photo)
UFO News Articles:
“Science: Why the UFOs Won’t Go Away/
Astronomers Pressing for More Study of UFO Riddle”,
4 May 1977

(The Lewiston Daily Sun, Lewiston-Auburn, Maine)

The Lewiston Daily Sun reports on the attitudes of U.S. scientists towards the UFO phenomenon:,378228

Quote from the article:
“Of 1,356 AAS members replying to a questionnaire from Prof. Peter A. Sturrock, an astrophysicist and member of Stanford’s Applied Physics Department, four-fifths feel that the UFO mystery ‘certainly, probably or possibly deserves scientific study.’ ”

NOTE: Both articles can be found on page 6.

Peter A. Sturrock (British citizen),
Professor Emeritus of applied physics
at Stanford University, California &
UFO Researcher
UFO TV News Report:
“UFOs: Are They Out There?”,

27 February 2011 (MSNBC, New York City)

MSNBC interviews UFO author and researcher Leslie Kean regarding the 2011 International UFO Congress:

UFO News Article:
“ ‘UFO’ still puzzling residents and an expert”,
24 February 2011

(The Columbian, Vancouver, Washington)

The Columbian presents an interview with NUFORC director Peter Davenport regarding the recent UFO sightings over Vancouver, Washington:

Aerial view of Vancouver, Washington
( photo)