Monday, 26 March 2018

4 UFOs Filmed During the NASA STS-115 Mission

(National Aeronautics and Space Administration,
Washington, D.C.)

Source: tarfin (YouTube channel)

The video clearly shows that NASA filmed four unknown objects (not three, as mentioned by the astronaut).

During NASA’s STS-115 press conference, STS-115 Entry Flight Director Steve Stich says the following: “And, as you well know, we saw an object yesterday.” No, NASA – it was four unknown objects!

The footage was recorded on 20 September 2006, at approximately 4:25 a.m. PDT, according to the video source.

The NASA STS-115 Space Shuttle mission:

Launch date: 9 September 2006 –
Landing date: 21 September 2006.

I also reported about this video on 3 February 2009.

Wikipedia article: “NASA”:

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(NASA/ image)

UFO News Article:
“Michigan inundated by dozens of UFO sightings”

20 March 1994
(The Journal Times, Racine, Wisconsin)

The The Journal Times reports on the March 1994 Michigan UFO incidents.

The article mentions police officer Jeff Velthouse’s UFO sighting and the National Weather Service’s (Muskegon office) UFO radar registrations, among other UFO observations.

Wikipedia article: “National Weather Service”:

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Map of Michigan (
( image)