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UFO News Article:
“ ‘The Unexplained’ –
Pulsating UFO Lands in Florida Swamp”

2 July 1987
(Republican Journal, Belfast, Maine)


The whole article:
“On the night of March 14, 1965, James W. Flynn, who is a rancher and hunting dog trainer, was camped out for the night in the Everglades. Just as he was settling down for the night, his dogs became restive and upset. He looked around expecting visitors, but instead he sighted a bright light silently and slowly descending about a mile away.  
Thinking that perhaps an airplane had gotten into trouble and gone down, he prepared his swamp buggy for the journey and set out to render aid if needed. He was guided directly to the spot by the glow which continued unabated. This worried Flynn as he expected to find a burning plane and probably injuries or fatalities. He found neither.

Pulsating Glow

When about a quarter mile away, he grounded his swamp buggy and continued on foot. Soon he found himself in a large clearing and he wasn’t alone. Some twenty yards away he saw a circular, cone-shaped object with a pulsating glow. It hovered just above the ground with a slightly perceptible wobbling motion. He detected, after a bit of study, a sound he could only describe as a hum. He estimated the size at well over seventy-five feet in diameter and twenty-five to thirty feet thick. There were four rows of ports or windows encircling the craft, each emitting a yellow light unlike the color of the craft’s overall glow. A partition immediately behind the windows prevented him from seeing any internal details or occupants.  
For many minutes Flynn just stood there, amazed. He had heard of such things, but, until now, had never really taken them seriously. Overactive imagination, he’d thought. But this was not imagination. It was real.        
Curiosity overcame fear. He started to approach the craft to get a better look. He never made it. A pencil thin blue light shot out from ‘somewhere’ on the craft hitting Flynn on the forehead ‘right between the eyes.’ He was unconscious before he hit the ground.            
When he regained consciousness, he was partially blind, sluggish, had a terrific headache and a large, sore bruise on his forehead. The craft was gone. Somehow he got his swamp buggy going and got to his hometown of Ft. Meyers, Florida. He was rushed to a hospital for examination and treatment.

Trees Burned

After he told his story, investigators went back to the spot. They found a large circular spot in the clearing where the ground and grass were charred. The tops of some nearby trees were severely burned. The trunks and limbs of some of the trees were scarred.        
The Air Force, at that time, normally debunked and belittled UFO sightings and the people who reported them out of hand, but in this instance, they did not reckon with Flynn’s standing in his community. On this occasion the Air Force had to partially back off. They only took one shot, that I can find, in that they labeled it by innuendo to be a hoax. Question is, how did Flynn fake the charred circle of ground, how did he burn and scar the trees and, most importantly, how did he self-inflict a bruise of such shape and intensity?      
One final piece of evidence helped exonerate James Flynn. One of his physical injuries was atrophy of internal muscles. Medical science tells us that one can’t be faked; period!”

NOTE: The UFO incident occurred on 15 March 1965, between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m., according to

Wikipedia article: “Everglades”:

Southern third of the Florida Peninsula, showing the area 
managed by the South Florida Water Management District, 
Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades, Big Cypress National Preserve, the Miami metropolitan area, the Ten Thousand Islands, and Florida Bay (text by Wikipedia) (
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Sawgrass prairie in Everglades National Park (Florida) north of Anhinga Trail (text by Wikipedia) ( photo)

UFO Case Directory (EMCAT):
“Major UFO/E-M Incidents Over Kuwait
Dec. 9 to Dec. 14, 1978


The whole UFO case report:
James McCampbell:
Nov. 9 - Dec. 14, 1978; vicinity of Kuwait
A senior official of the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) reported to the embassy that the UFO ‘...which first appeared over the northern oil fields seemingly did strange things to KOC’s automatic pumping equipment. This equipment is designed to shut itself down when there is some failure which may seriously damage the petroleum gathering and transmission system and it can only be restarted manually. At the time of the UFO's appearance the pumping station automatically shut itself down and when the UFO vanished the system started itself up again. Eight UFOs were sighted between Nov. 9 and Dec. 14,1978, in the vicinity of an oil-gathering center near Kuwait City, Kuwait. The government appointed a committee of experts from the Kuwait Institute For Scientific Research to investigate. An Institute representative, Ratib Abu Id, told U.S. embassy officials that they had rejected the idea of espionage devices and did not know enough about the subject to rule out spaceships.” presents two U.S. government (U.S. Department of State) documents that pertain to the November/December 1978 Kuwait UFO flap.

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