Saturday, 16 July 2016

UFO News Article:
“Flight crew, controller report UFO”

30 December 1986
(The Milwaukee Journal, Wisconsin)

The article reports on the 17 November 1986 Japan Airlines (JAL) Flight 1628 UFO incident over North East Alaska.

The UFO incident occurred at 5:19 p.m. (18 November, at 2:19 UTC), according to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) document (

Quote from the article:
“FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) spokesman Paul Steucke said there was no other air traffic along the same little-traveled route that night. Steucke also noted that the FAA’s electronically recorded radar data did not support the UFO sighting.

But the existence of an unidentified object was confirmed by a report from the flight controller in charge of JAL 1628. Steucke said the controller, who was not named, had two years’ experience.

During the flight, the controller asked Terauchi to identify the craft and then wrote, ‘He could not identify but reported white and yellow strobes.’ The lighting was not a normal aircraft marking pattern, the crew said.

In his one page report, the controller said he repeatedly saw another object on radar staying near the JAL jet despite FAA-approved turns and altitude changes. The object was as close as 
5 miles, the controller wrote.”

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