Thursday, 13 June 2019

UFO News Article:
“Navy F/A-18 Pilot Shares New Details About
UFO Encounters During Middle East Deployment”

10 June 2019
(The Drive, U.S.A.)

Tyler Rogoway reports on the UFO experiences of U.S. Navy
F/A-18 Super Hornet pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves.

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Lieutenant Ryan Graves, U.S. Navy
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UFO Case Report:
“Radar Data Analysis in NM
Shows ‘Unusual Activity.’ ”

26 July 2015
(UFOs Northwest, Helena, Montana)

In the late evening of 10 June 2015, a local minister in Alto, New Mexico – saw 30 to 40 erratic flying lights which were chased by U.S. military jets. The minister called 911 and reported the sighting, but he did not get any information.

Alto is located 32 kilometres (20 miles) to the east of White Sands Missile Range MOA (Military Operations Area) and 16 kilometres (10 miles) to the north of another MOA.

Military aircraft were flying in circles through the area north and east of the minister’s location, the radar data showed. The military activity took place well outside of any of the MOAs.

The military presence in the area was “heavy” at the time the witness sighted the UFOs, according to the radar returns.

Some of the radar returns could very well have been unidentified flying objects, UFOs Northwest reports.

Wikipedia article: “White Sands Missile Range”:

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Map of White Sands Missile RangeNew Mexico (
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Map of White Sands Missile RangeNew Mexico 
( image)

Satellite photo of Alto, New Mexico (
( photo)