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Chilean Government UFO Article:
“CEFAA: 23 años investigando
fenómenos aéreos anómalos”
(“CEFAA: 23 years investigating
anomalous aerial phenomena”)

22 September 2020

(Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos (CEFAA), Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil, Santiago, Chile)

The whole article (translated by Google Translate):

“On October 3, 2020, the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA), dependent on the General Secretariat of the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), celebrates 23 years of existence.

On that day and month, but in 1997, CEFAA was born through Exempt Resolution No. 01599 after the interest expressed by the then Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Air Force, Air General Fernando Rojas Vender, and by the former Commander of that branch, General Ramón Vega Hidalgo, who determined that the investigative body be under the authority of the DGAC. 

In this way, through an official document, the then Director of the Institution, General of the Air Brigade Gonzalo Miranda Aguirre, gave life to CEFAA in the premises of the Aeronautical Technical School, in the Quinta Normal, in Santiago.

In 1996, the written press in our country published articles on 27 sightings, with an average of just over two per month, and in 1997, almost one case was registered per month, according to data provided by engineer Pablo Petrowitsch, one of the first scholars of this type of phenomena in Chile.

Sightings in Arica

Although 1996 was copious in reports of sightings, the decisive cases for the creation of CEFAA occurred in late March and early April 1997. During those days, the press published reports on lights of unknown origin over Arica for three consecutive nights and one of the incidents was even seen by personnel from the Control Tower and by the then head of the Chacalluta Airport.

CEFAAs mission is to collect, study, analyze and classify all the information related to strange aerial phenomena reported in the national territory, with the aim of supporting the safety of air operations in the airspace of responsibility of the DGAC, which covers 32 million square kilometers. 


The first Director of CEFAA was Colonel Enzo Di Nocera and since its birth the Air Traffic Controller Gustavo Rodríguez Navarro was linked to the new entity, who was known within the DGAC because for decades he had been investigating reports of anomalous aerial phenomena by personal interest.

In 1998, Air Brigade General Ricardo Bermúdez Sanhueza assumed the leadership of ETA and also CEFAA, until February 2002. In March of that year, CEFAA's leadership was under the command of Air Brigade General Hernán Henríquez Cobaise, who he held that position until March 2008. During all those years, CEFAA entered a dormant stage.

On December 15, 2009, the then Director General of Civil Aeronautics, General of the Air Brigade José Huepe Pérez, ordered that CEFAA become directly dependent on the General Secretariat of the DGAC, for which reason the Committee left the Aeronautical Technical School, It began to function on the grounds of the National Aeronautical and Space Museum and was again in charge of General (R) Ricardo Bermúdez.

The CEFAA operated for years with General Bermúdez at the head, with the Air Traffic Controller Gustavo Rodríguez as an investigator and with José Lay as the Head of International Relations.

During those first years, CEFAA stood out for giving free talks with different guests at the Aeronautical Technical School, for a high-profile event with international guests during the International Air and Space Fair (FIDAE) 2000 and for similar events during the editions of FIDAE of 2016 and 2018.

In December 2016, General Bermúdez left the leadership of CEFAA and in September 2017, the scientific journalist and historian Hugo Camus Palacios joined by public competition, who soon took over the leadership of the Committee.

Historical heritage

The merit of having initiated the investigation of these phenomena in Chile goes to the Chilean Commission for Studies of Unidentified Space Phenomena, created by the Director of the Chilean Meteorological Office, Sergio Napoleón Bravo, and sponsored by the Scientific Society of Chile, in which featured prominent academics, scientists and researchers of the time. 

In an interview published by the Spanish newspaper ABC in 1969, Sergio Bravo affirmed: “I confess that at first, when the news about it began to invade the world press, we were skeptical. But there were so many stories and the professional solvency of many of the people who referred to it that the concern to investigate these facts in a systematic and scientific way was born in us ".


In 2017, in addition to Hugo Camus, Pablo Trigo Marihual joined CEFAA as administrative assistant. At the end of that year, Gustavo Rodríguez and José Lay left the Committee after several years of service and in March 2018, science professor Gustavo Arriagada Bustamante joined the committee as a researcher.

The new CEFAA team was completed in mid-October 2019, when journalist Patricio Abusleme Hoffman joined as a second investigator. 

During the few years in which the new CEFAA has functioned, Director Camus has participated in ufological conferences, has been interviewed by different media and, together with researcher Gustavo Arriagada, has given talks on the work of CEFAA to aeronautical and different branches of the Armed Forces in various cities of Chile.

After the paradigm shift that the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 meant, the members of CEFAA have continued to carry out their work remotely, consulting their internal and external advisers when the cases under study warrant it. 

To report any sighting of anomalous aerial phenomena that have taken place within the territory of the Republic of Chile, users can do so through the CEFAA website at the following link:”

English translation (by Google Translate):

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The current CEFAA team, headed by Director Hugo Camus, at the Committee’s premises in Cerrillos. 

(Text: (Photo:

Members of CEFAA and some advisers to the Committee shortly after its creation in the late 1990s, headed by General (R) Ricardo Bermúdez. 

(Text: (Photo:

UFO News Article:
“Cattleman Says Flying Saucer Rustles Steer”

10 September 1956

(Idaho Free Press, Nampa, Idaho)

Source: National UFO Community, U.S.A. (

The whole article:

“A Twin Falls attorney reported that a ‘flying saucer’ swooped down on his ranch south of here Friday night and apparently made off with a 400-pound steer. 

E. L. Rayburn reported this story to the Twin Falls County sheriff’s office:

‘I was at my ranch about 40 miles south of here when I saw a strange object about 200 feet in diameter flying overhead. It had a whirling effect on top and gave off an orange glow. It came in fast overhead and swooped to the ground near a spot where a 400-pound white-faced steer was standing. 

‘Then the object sped off like a streak of light and the steer was gone.’

Rayburn said two employes on the ranch, Joe and Dick Parker, also saw the object. He said no trace has been found of the steer. 

Miss Pat Morrison of Twin Falls also reported seeing ‘a strange orangish object’ in the sky over the city Friday night. But she said it might have been the planet Mars, which presently is close to the [Earth].”

Wikipedia article: “Twin Falls, Idaho”:,_Idaho

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Twin Falls, Idaho

(Photo: Google)

Newsletter Quote:

No. 7, Fall 1979

(Project Stigma, Paris, Texas) 

Source: Archives For the Unexplained (, Norrköping, Sweden

Project Stigma was run by the late animal mutilation researcher Thomas (Tom) R. Adams.

Quote from the newsletter issue:



Taos County - On January 12, a 5-year-old heifer was discovered near Ranchitos - less that a quarter-mile from the site of a controversial UFO sighting and residue-dropping in July of 1978. 

Source: THE TAOS (NM) NEWS, 1/18/79

Santa Fe County - At the Santa Clara Pueblo, near Los Alamos, AMP Director David Perkins visited the office of the Tribal Police on Friday, May 11th. He inspected their logbook which cited numerous reports of ‘unidentified aircraft’ in Nov. and Dec., 1978. That night, a mutilation occurred on Santa Clara land and, though tribal authorities tried to keep the matter quiet, Gail Olson of the RIO GRANDE SUN was tipped off about it.

David Perkins reports that a light meter belonging to a photographer would not work at the site, but functioned perfectly a mile away. The brakes went out on the investigators• car as they drove from the scene. At that time [13 and 14 May 1979], an unmarked, twin-engined airplane circled low over the departing car three times. Additionally, Perkins uncovered a report of a large UFO seen in Santa Clara Canyon by two tribal policemen in early April, 1979. . Sources: David Perkins: RIO GRANDE SUN (Espanola, NM), 5/17/79: ‘Mute Wave ln New Mexico’ by Tom Clark in BOULDER MONTHLY - July 1979.


UFO TERMS - by Robert Stevenson Somerville - published by UFO Schools, Inc.; P.O. Box 21: Warren, Michigan 48090 – $8.00 (includes postage, handling). ---------------------- In this volume, where the language of ufology is concerned, no stone is left un-termed. Somerville scattershoots through virtually every facet of UFO research. He includes material on mutilations and Project Stigma, while cautioning that not everyone is convinced that mutilations occur, much less that they are linked to UFOs. The author objectively presents arguments for and against the reality of mutes and the UFO connection. The author directs his book to those ‘who do not have the time or inclination to follow the many developments in Ufology, but would like to obtain a basic understanding of the subject’. Somerville's research has been extensive and intensive. UFO TERMS breaks no new speculative ground, but it will prove useful to the armchair browser as well as to the serious researcher desiring to ‘bone up’ on basic ufological concepts. The encyclopedia array of data reminds one of the richness, complexity and confusion inherent in our groping for understanding of the UFO phenomenon and all its tangential aspects. There is a lot of information in the book of potential interest to mutilation researchers - though not necessarily identified as such. UFO TERMS is especially recommended for the beginner~ but there is no reason why veteran researchers should not plan to include it in their library.” 

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Ranchitos, New Mexico (1)

(Photo: Google)

Ranchitos, New Mexico (2)

(Photo: Google)