Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Official Uruguayan Government UFO Article:
“CRIDOVNI: Reseña histórica (Transcripción parcial de página del Ministerio de Defensa Uruguayo)”
(“CRIDOVNI: Historical overview (Partial transcript page from the Uruguayan Ministry of Defence)”)

by the General Command of the Uruguayan Air Force, Montevideo, Uruguay, 28 September 2003
(CRIFAT, Montevideo, Uruguay)

The article informs about the history of CRIDOVNI, the Commission for the Reception and Investigation of UFO Reports, and its working relationship with CRIFAT:

CRIFAT, the Regional Centre for Investigation of Aerospace and Terrestrial Phenomena, is a regional (non-governmental) UFO group that works in concert with CRIDOVNI. CRIFAT (founded on 13 April 2001) also investigates UFO cases in foreign countries, according to the article.

English translation:

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UFO Article (Blog):
“ ‘Go Capture That UFO’: The 1978 Puerto Belgrano CE-2”
by Carlos Alberto Iurchuk, 14 April 2011

Carlos Alberto Iurchuk writes about the September 1978 Puerto Belgrano Naval Base UFO incident:

Puerto Belgrano Naval Base, Argentina’s largest naval base, is situated near the city of Punta Alta, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

Punta Alta is located 577 kilometres (359 miles) south-west of Buenos Aires.

Photo of Puerto Belgrano Naval Base, Punta Alta, Argentina
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