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UFO Case Directory:
“Category 9: Radar Incident
Heavily-Witnessed Radar-Visual
Case Near Kansas City
Belton, MO
August 8, 1978”


The whole UFO case report:
“This UFO is certainly an unusual, dynamic one, putting on a show over Belton, MO that could be seen in three neighboring suburbs south of Kansas City, with dozens of witnesses reporting it independently to law enforcement agencies and the local Air Force base. Thus, it is distinguished as the IUR case with the greatest number of witnesses. It also appears to have been seen briefly on radar. If this event was based on a hoax, it would be unprecedentedly elaborate.

Our thanks to Mary Castner for the pdg file which presents the IUR in its full glory.

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

Satellite photo of Belton, Missouri (
( photo)

UFO Website:
“1978 Elsberry Missouri UFO Flap”

Quote from the home page:
“The information, reports and pictures contained within this site are the copyrighted property of the Missouri Investigators Group and Barbara Becker. They may be used and reproduced with the proper attribution.”

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Satellite photo of Elsberry, Missouri (
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Satellite photo of Elsberry, Missouri (
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