Wednesday, 1 November 2017

UFO News Article:

4 January 1968
(Douglas County News (News-Press?), Castle Rock, Colorado)


The whole article:
“Howard Ellis has reported seeing an egg-shaped, translucent bubble hovering about 30 feet over a power line near the I. R. E. A. building about 6:00 o’clock Tuesday evening, January 2, 1968. He summoned several other parties who also saw the object. He shone his flashlight up toward it and immediately lights came on either in or on it.

It then proceeded on across the way to a little above the courthouse, then after a short time it went on to hover over Naylor’s Market, where, according to some witnesses, it emitted a series of flames and shot straight up, out of sight.”

Satellite photo of Castle Rock, Colorado (
( photo)