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13 July 1969 23:00
Van Horne, Iowa, USA 
(the UFO incident occurred on 13 July, 
not on 12 July, according to

13 Jul 1969 - 
Van Horne, Iowa, USA

Two teenage girls see a dull gray-black metallic colored inverted bowl-shaped object with a circular reddish-orange band of light about two-thirds of the way down it. The next morning a 40-foot diameter burned circle is found in the field.

At 11:00 p.m. a dark gray, metallic inverted bowl-shaped disc flew over a farm in Van Horne, Iowa during a rainstorm, spinning counter-clockwise. It had a reddish-orange band two-thirds of the way from its bottom to the top, and made a noise like a jet. The witnesses were three teenage girls. A 40-foot circle of wilted soybean plants was found, but the plants were not bent over or crushed.

One orange-red star was observed by three witnesses one of them independent for two minutes.

(J. Allen) Hynek reported:

Two teenaged girls stated that they were exceedingly frightened late one evening when, looking out from their farmhouse bedroom window, they espied the ‘traditional’ lighted craft gliding away from the farmhouse, accompanied by a jetlike sound. The father of one of the girls, a farmer, had just that day examined his soybean field in preparation for cultivation and had found it in good order.

Shortly after the UFO sighting there was a light rain, and early the next morning the farmer went out to check whether the rain had been severe enough to interfere with his planned cultivation. To his surprise he found a 40-foot devastated circle in midfield where none had been less than a half day before. He had no explanation for it. He had learned of the girls' experience but had promptly discounted it until he saw his soybean field. The place where the girls had seen their object was not inconsistent with the position of the destroyed ring of plants.

I visited the farm several weeks after the event and saw the circular patch for myself. The leaves of each plant were hanging wilted from the stalks as though they had been subjected to intense heat, but the stalks themselves were not broken or bent, and there were no marks of any land in the soil. Everything appeared as though the heat or destroying agent was applied directly from above and at close range but without direct contact.

The object that may have been associated with the circle was reported by the girls to have been observed at close range from their window, then to have turned to the northwest (it came from the south; the girls were looking out a north window, and the field was to the south of the house about a mile away) and disappeared, leaving only an orange glow in the sky. According to their report, it was spinning counterclockwise and had the shape of a shallow inverted bowl with a curved bottom.

It appeared to be a dull gray-black metallic color with a circular reddish-orange band of light about two-thirds of the way from the bottom to the top. It was the illumination from the orange light that disclosed the shape of the object. No protrusions were visible, and there were no individual lights — only the band of orange light. In size it was described as three or four times the diameter of the moon, and one of the girls thought it appeared as large as an automobile would have at the estimated distance.

Because of local publicity the farmer refused to let the girls be interviewed by me but was himself fully accommodating in showing me the circle and answering questions. He wished no further publicity, made no attempt to capitalize on the event, and left me with the feeling that if the whole thing had in some way been a hoax, it would be difficult to discover any possible reason for his choosing to destroy a portion of his field (and by what means?) in the absence of any desire for publicity or monetary gain.

It has often been reported but seldom carefully documented that immediately after a close UFO encounter the top branches of adjacent trees have been found broken and the leaves wilted.”

Wikipedia article: “Van Horne, Iowa”:,_Iowa

Van Horne, Iowa, is part of the Cedar Rapids Metropolitan Statistical Area, according to the Wikipedia article.

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