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UFO News Article:
“Air Command Admits It
Is Involved In Flying Discs”

2 August 1952
(The Sheboygan Press, Wisconsin)


The whole article:
“The nerve center of the nation’s air defense admits today to being involved in the flying saucer situation.
Headquarters of the Air Force Air Defense Command [Air Defense Command, later Aerospace Defense Command] located at Ent Air Force Base here, reported that has been a flurry of reports of saucers and other unidentified objects for the past two weeks.
And so seriously are the reports viewed that fast interceptor planes are kept on the ready to jet aloft to find out what goes on — if possible.
‘We’ve really been scrambling,’ a spokesman said. ‘These planes are kept loaded and ready to go and their pilots are never more than a few feet away. They're in the air within seconds of a report that seems definite enough.’
The thing is not geared up just for saucers though. The system is the same as that worked out to meet any enemy attack.
Furthermore, the ADC isn’t saying what might have been found. The results of the scrambles aren’t for it to announce. Findings are turned over to technical experts at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, O.
The ADC, which commands and coordinates the three regional Air defense commands in New York, Missouri and California, did say that its radar equipment has been picking up a lot of unexplained blips.”

My comment:
Ent Air Force Base later became the location of the United States Olympic Training Center.

Wikipedia article: “Aerospace Defense Command”:

Wikipedia article: “Ent Air Force Base”:

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Ent Air Force Base later became the location
of the United States Olympic Training Center
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Air Defense Command map (1966) shows the ADC’s Air Divisions
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U.S. Government UFO Document:
Subject: Unidentified Flying Objects”

21 July 1952
(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)


The whole document (not written in U.S. Department of Defense document format):
“1. Forwarded herewith are the accounts of the observations of two (2) USAF officers, Capt Edward E. Dougher and Lt [Josephine] J. Stong, of unidentified flying objects over Wiesbaden, Germany, at approximately 1930 hours Zebra on 21 July 1952. The preparing officer interviewed both persons and obtained the information appearing in Part II of this report.

2. Captain Dougher, a pilot not presently on flying status, and Lt Stong, a WAF, are considered by the preparing officer to be absolutely reliable. Inasmuch as their observations were very similar and were made from two completely different locations in Wiesbaden at the same time and in the same area, it can be safely assumed that they both observed the same demonstration.

3. The information in Part II is presented in accordance with the requirements in Air Force Letter 200-5.

4. This information will be of interest to the Air Technical Intelligence Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, ATTENTION: ATIAA-20.


Robert A. Elder
Colonel, USAF
Chief, ATI Branch

Part II

In accordance with paragraphs 7c and 7d of Air Force Letter 200-5 the following information is submitted:

A. Observation of Capt Dougher (See attached statement)

     1. No object as such was sighted. ‘Object’ was a bright yellowish-whit light of indefinite size. Four (4) were seen in a NNW direction from Wiesbaden, and they appeared to be travelling from NNW to SSE and climbing. Suddenly they burst apart, two (2) climbing until they went behind the branches of some trees under which Captain Dougher was standing, and the other two (2) levelling off and going in two opposite directions, generally East and West. The one going East went behind a small hill in about one (1) minute, whereas the other remained in sight for about fifteen (15) minutes, or enough time for Captain Dougher to drive home (about 2 miles), park his car, go into his apartment, and out on his porch where he and his wife watched the light, now getting very dim, disappear behind some small hills to the East. Capt Dougher believes that the light was several miles away. No sounds were heard and there were no other unusual features. Flight appeared to be straight and level after the initial ‘burst’ of the four (4) lights.

     2. The time of sighting was about 1925 hours Zebra to 1940 hours.

     3. Observation was visual from the ground.

     4. Captain Dougher was in downtown Wiesbaden and the initial ‘burst’ appeared NNW of this location. The lights appeared to be several miles away at an unknown altitude, but about 15° to the horizontal.

     5. Captain Dougher is a pilot, not currently on flying status. He is considered to be very reliable.

     6. The weather at the time of observation was clear, no clouds reported, and visibility more than fifteen (15) miles. Winds aloft were:

           5000 feet      140°     5 K
         10,000 feet    290°     4 K
         20,000 feet    300°   15 K
         30,000 feet    300°   20 K

     7. No meteorological activity has been reported for this period.

     8. No photographs were taken.

     9. No interception was accomplished.

   10. USAF C-47 type aircraft were flying in the local area at the time of observation, but Capt Dougher was certain that this was no aircraft.

B. Observation of Lieutenant Stong (See attached statement)

     1. Lt Stong also reported that she saw no object as such, but that she saw two ‘reddish’ colored light going in opposite directions, approximately East and West. When first sighted they were close together, but in about two (2) minutes the one going East disappeared behind a building. The light going West, however, continued in the same general direction for about ten (10) minutes, finally nose-diving over and disappearing into the clouds. Lt Stong would not give an estimate of the speed, because she had no idea of the distance of the light. She did say that from her observation point the light travelled about 45° in five (5) minutes. Nothing unusual was noted concerning the flight characteristics, and no noise was heard. Lt Stong did say that shortly after observing this light she observed a C-47 in the same general direction. Comparing relative sizes she said the light appeared to her to be about four (4) times the length of the fuselage of the C-47.

     2. Time of sighting was from 1925 hours Zebra to 1935 hours.

     3. The observation was visual from the ground.

     4. Lt Stong was located in downtown Wiesbaden, and the lights were first seen in a NNW direction from her position. Altitude and distance are unknown, although Lt Stong did estimate the objects to be about 30° to the horizontal.

     5. Lt Stong is a WAF officer with no flying experience to speak of. She is considered to be very reliable.

     6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. (See Observation of Captain Dougher (Par A. of this report.)


     Lt Stong was about one (1) mile closer to the initial ‘burst’ of lights than was Captain Dougher. Lt Stong’s position was almost exactly between Captain Dougher’s original position and the direction in which the burst was observed.

Captain, USAF
ATI Branch”

Project Blue Book listed the case as “Unknown.”

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( image)

Satellite view of Wiesbaden (north of the Rhine) and Mainz
(text by Wikipedia) ( ( photo)

UFO Case Directory (Distant Encounters):
“Separated Witnesses Observe Maneuvering Lights
July 21, 1952
Wiesbaden, West Germany”


The whole UFO case report:
Fran Ridge:
This is apparently #10 of Major Dewey Fournet’s ‘motions study’ UFOs cases as presented to the Robertson Panel in January of 1953, whereby he deduced that UFOs were guided by intelligence and the flight characteristics indicated that the intelligence was beyond ‘us’.

Brad Sparks:
July 21, 1952; Wiesbaden, [West] Germany (BBU 1514)
6:30 p.m. USAF pilot Capt. E. E. Dougher and WAF Lt. J. J. Stong, separated by miles saw 4 bright yellowish lights, seen by Dougher to separate, with 2 climbing and 2 flying away level in the opposite direction. Stong saw 2 reddish lights fly in opposite directions. 10-15 mins. (Berliner)” presents U.S. government (Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force) documents that pertain to the UFO case.

Wikipedia article: “Wiesbaden”:

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Satellite view of Wiesbaden (north of the Rhine) and Mainz
(text by Wikipedia) ( ( photo)

UFO News Article (Blog):
“No science, please, we’re TEDx”

By Billy Cox, 8 February 2020
(De Void, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florida)

Quote from the article:
“The most disturbing thing about what happened to Alexander Wendt’s TEDx video this week is that the curators of the TED Talks brand aren’t stupid. Dial up any of the presentations in their voluminous online collection and you’re going to learn something, from international trailblazers like Jane Goodall and Bill Gates, or up-and-coming unknowns with big and provocative ideas.

But after TEDx ‘flagged’ Wendt’s 12-minute lecture ‘Wanted: A Science of UFOs’ even as it reluctantly, belatedly, posted the clip Tuesday on YouTube, you have to wonder if, like SETI’s Seth Shostak, these normally judicious arbiters of what progress is and is not haven’t disqualified themselves from the most astonishing conversation of our age. ‘Claims made in this talk,’ they warned in the video cutlines, ‘only represent the speaker’s personal understanding of UFOs which are not corroborated by scientific evidence.’

Did you get that? The judges just pleaded guilty. I’m smelling a trend.”

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Alexander Wendt, U.S. Political Scientist and Educator
(TED Conferences LLC/ image)