Wednesday, 9 February 2011

UFO Article (Blog):
“Chile: UFO Declassification Begins”,
9 February 2011 (

Chile’s Office of Civil Aeronautics has released a number of videos or audiotapes of UFO events that occurred in its territory, according to the article:

This was done through the Comite de Estudios de Fenomenos Aereos Anomalos (CEFAA), the Chilean government’s UFO research organisation.

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UFO News Article:
“Peter Davenport Believes in UFOs”,
9 February 2011 (Seattle Weekly, Washington)

The Seattle Weekly reports on the UFO research work of Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center:

Peter Davenport,
Director of the
National UFO Reporting Center
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“Here's How to Get Rid of Old Flying Saucer Data”,
23 December 1953

(The Times-News, Hendersonville, North Carolina)

This is an article about Coral Lorenzen, the head of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO):,8352602

APRO was founded in 1952 by Jim and Coral Lorenzen.

Jim and Coral Lorenzen, U.S. UFO Researchers

UFOs Caught On South Korean TV News Report
(Unknown Date) (MBC, Seoul, South Korea)

Several self-luminous, spherical shaped UFOs were caught on an MBC TV news report regarding the Republic of Korea Navy:

The UFO footage can be seen at 55 seconds into the video.