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UFO Lecture:
“Gary Heseltine –

The History of British Police UFO Sightings”,
8 August 2010
(Exopolitics Leeds Expo –
University of Leeds – August 2010)

Detective Constable Gary Heseltine presented “The PRUFOS Police Database” at the 2nd Annual Exopolitics Leeds Expo: (1) (2)

Gary Heseltine,
UK Police Officer &
UFO Researcher
UFO News Article:
“Una estudiante captó un ovni en una fotografía”
(“A student captured a UFO in a photograph”),
22 October 2008 (El Intransigente, Salta, Argentina)

Lourdes Bucci photographed a UFO over the town of La Cumbre, Argentina, in 2008, El Intransigente reports:

English translation:

I reported on this UFO case on 15 May 2011, but the (El Liberal) article was removed.

The town of La Cumbre is situated 692 kilometres (430 miles) north-west of the city of Buenos Aires.

( photo)

Satellite photo of La Cumbre, Córdoba, Argentina
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“Ovnis en Ituzaingó Parte 1”
(“UFOs in Ituzaingó Part 1”),
26 November 2011 (El Intransigente, Salta, Argentina)

This is an article on the UFO incident that occurred over Ituzaingó on 24 November 2011, at 9:30 p.m.:

A resident managed to videotape the triangular shaped (seemingly) UFO.

Ituzaingó is located in the suburbs of the city of Buenos Aires.

English translation:

( image)