Friday, 5 January 2018

UFO News Article:
“ ‘Attack’ by UFOs reported”

14 April 1971
(The Canberra Times, ACT, Australia)

Source: Trove, National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT, Australia

The whole article:
“A Perth motorist and his wife described today how two unidentified flying objects attacked their car as they were driving down the South-Western Highway.

Mr Geoff Richards, 28, and his wife Toni, 26, of the Perth suburb of Woodlands, said the 10-minute attack came about 4.45am on a long straight stretch of highway leading out of Brunswick Junction, about 100 miles south of Perth.

Mr Richards said he noticed a light in the rear vision mirror, shortly after passing through Brunswick.

‘Suddenly the light came racing up to the car,’ he said. ‘It appeared to be going about 500 miles an hour.

‘My wife screamed that it was going to hit us. Then it just stopped.’

He said ‘The light stayed behind, for a few seconds then shot back on to the horizon behind the car.

‘This happened about four times, then I looked in front and there was another light there,’ he said.

‘It shot forward at us, about head height, at the same time as the one from the back was coming forward again.

‘The one in front came at us three times and each time pulled up just short and darted back, sometimes disappearing.’ ”

Satellite photo of Brunswick Junction, Australia (
( photo)