Monday, 24 August 2009

UFO TV News Report:
“UFO Sighting” (KXLY 4 News, ABC)

Several families in Liberty Lake, Washington (east of Spokane)
saw 2 unknown, manoeuvring objects (one green, one white)
in the night sky on 12 August 2009.

The unknown objects moved extremely fast at times, according to
a witness. This would seem to rule out the Chinese lantern theory.

And Fairchild Air Force Base said they weren’t flying any aircraft in the area at the time of the UFO sightings.

This report contains UFO footage filmed by a resident:

KXLY 4 News article:
“Mysterious lights spotted over Liberty Lake”,
14 August 2009 (with video):

UFO Talk Show on Mexican TV, August 2009
(de Poca, Channel 4)

In this TV show Mexican UFO researcher Ana Luisa Cid presents several very interesting UFO videos, which have been recorded over Mexico City.

But the two first videos show the most remarkable UFO footage. These videos were recorded on 24 (12:06 p.m.) and 26 July
(1:50 p.m.) 1998, and they show two similar, self-luminous UFO
spheres or the same UFO.

The UFO footage which was recorded on 26 July shows a manoeuvring and at times hovering UFO. It’s difficult to find a plausible conventional explanation for the manoeuvres which are performed by this unknown object: