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U.S. Government UFO Document:
“Objects observed following
MX 776A test of 27 April 1950”

15 May 1950
(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)


The whole document (not written in U.S. Department of Defense document format):
“2nd Lt. (name censored) EHOSIR

1. According to conversation between Col. Baynes and Capt. Bryant, the following information is submitted directly to Lt. Albert. 

2. Film from station P10 was read, resulting in azimuth and elevation angles being recorded on four objects. In addition, size of image on film was recorded. 

3. From this information, together with a single azimuth angle from station M7, the following conclusions were drawn: 

a. The objects were at an altitude of approximately 150,000 ft.

b. The objects were over the Holloman range between the base and Tularosa Peak.

c. The objects were approximately 30 feet in diameter.

d. The objects were traveling at an undeterminable, yet high speed.”

This Data Reduction report by Wilbur L. Mitchell (Mathematician, Data Reduction Unit) was attached to the 31 May 1950 U.S. Air Force cover letter ( I reported on in the preceding blog post, according to Dr. Bruce Maccabee (

Wikipedia article: “Holloman Air Force Base”:

Wikipedia artile: “White Sands Missile Range”:

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U.S. Government UFO Document:
“SUBJECT: Aerial Phenomena”

31 May 1950
(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)


The whole document (not written in U.S. Department of Defense document format):
“1. Per request of A. O. Mirarchi, during recent visit to this base, the following information is submitted.

2. Sightings were made on 27 April and 24 May 1950 of aerial phenomena during morning daylight hours at this station. The sightings were made by Land-Air, Inc., personnel while engaged in tracking regular projects with Askania Phototheodolites. It has been reported that objects are sighted in some number; as many as eight have been visible at one time. The individuals making these sightings are professional observers – therefore I would rate their reliaibility [sic] superior. In both cases photos were taken with Askanias.

3. The Holloman AF Base Data Reduction Unit analyzed the 27 April pictures and made a report, a copy of wich I am enclosing with the film for your information. It was believed that triangulation could be effected from pictures taken on 24 May because pictures were taken from two stations. The films were rapidly processed and examined by Data Reduction. However, it was determined that sightings were made on two different objects and triangulation could not be effected. A report from Data Reduction and the films from the sighting are enclosed.

4. There is nothing further to report at this time.”

The cover letter was sent to Commanding Officer, AF Cambridge Research Laboratory, Attn: Base Directorate, Geophysical Research, 230 Albany St., Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is not known who wrote the cover letter, according to Dr. Bruce Maccabee. Quote from Dr. Bruce Maccabee’s paper, NCP-12: The White Sands Proof ( “The writer of this cover letter is not known (no signature). It might have been the Lt. Alpert mentioned below.”

Wikipedia article: “Holloman Air Force Base”:

Wikipedia artile: “White Sands Missile Range”:

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UFO Case Directory (IMCAT):
“Cinetheodolite Film Taken By Tracking Station
April 27, 1950
White Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico”


The whole UFO case report:
Brad Sparks:
April 27, 1950. Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, New Mexico (BBU)
While preparing for an MX-776A Shrike air-to-ground missile test Charles Riggs and other members of USAF contractor Land-Air, Inc., Askania theodolite crews saw, tracked, filmed 4 high flying objects on a cinetheodolite at station P-10 and a theodolite at station M-7. Triangulation resulted in 30 ft size and 150,000 ft altitude for the ‘high speed’ objects located between Holloman AFB and Tularosa Peak.

Timothy Good:
Todd Zechel claims that photographic evidence found missing from the Air Force Project Blue Book files eventually found its way to the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence in the 1950s, and specifies a number of movie films taken at White Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico: a cinetheodolite film taken by a camera tracking station on 27 April 1950; a cinetheodolite film taken by two camera stations on 29 May 1950, allegedly showing two huge UFOs traveling at 2,000 mph; and a 35mm film taken by a military pilot on 14 July 1951. (Source: ABOVE TOP SECRET, 354)

Brad Sparks:
The Holloman Data Reduction Unit report by mathematician Wilbur Mitchell stated that the speed was high but indeterminable. Evidently they just did not want to state an outlandish number. Presumably they had seconds not minutes of film of high angular velocity objects so a slow-moving Skyhook is ruled out -- also there were 4 objects close enough together that they were all within the FOV, so that also eliminates a single Skyhook (I really doubt that they would not know of Skyhook launches from their own base). Only other possibility is daylight meteors but 150,000 feet (30 miles) is way too low and they should have dropped to earth and burned up not, as what apparently happened, took off in powered flight. (See BB documents below) Oder himself is quoted in the AF documents in 1951 as pushing for Mirarchi's federal prosecution on grounds that Mirarchi had allegedly revealed classified SPEED-ALTITUDE tracking data on UFO’s. That proves that Oder and AFCRL back in 1951 KNEW there was a SUCCESSFUL TRIANGULATION at White Sands, and one so important that they went to the extreme lengths of trying to get Mirarchi thrown in prison in order to maintain the coverup!” presents U.S. government (Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force) documents that pertain to the UFO case.

I also reported about this UFO case on 24 October 2012.

Wikipedia article: “Holloman Air Force Base”:

Wikipedia artile: “White Sands Missile Range”:

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UFO Web Page:
“The New Mexico Page”


The whole text (links):
New Mexico Map, Color Relief
New Mexico Map - Project 1947

Project TWINKLE Report - Project 1947
Project TWINLE Report - BB Microfilms, NARA-PBB85-491 - Blue Book Archive
Green Fireballs Over Los Alamos: The New Mexico Missile Crisis - Joel Carpenter
Green Fireball Chronology: 1946-February 1949 Green Fireball Chronology - Joel Carpenter
The Ghost Rockets, Guided Missiles and UFOs: A Tangle of Fear - 1937-53 - Joel Carpenter
Chapter Four: Green Fireballs, Project Twinkle, Little Lights, and Grudge - Ruppelt
Summary of Sightings in the New Mexico Area - La Paz Catalog - Docs 407-479 - BB Microfilm -  Dan Wilson
January 31, 1949: FBI Memo: Protection of Vital Installations - Project 1947
January 31, 1949: CO Kirtland, NM to Chief of Staff,  Director of Special Investigations - Patrick Gross
April 19, 1949 Report: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in New Mexico-West Texas Area - NARA-PBB90 1011-1014
The Importance of Santa Fe Operations, New Mexico - 165-Page Report - AEC

February 16, 1949 - Los Alamos, NM: Conference on Aerial Phenomena
Conference - Docs 374-397
Conference Transcript
Report on Conference - Docs 398-401
April 27-28, 1949 - Kirtland AFB, NM: Concern over Los Alamos, Sandia Base, Capmp Hood
Conference - Docs 635-639
November 3, 1949 - Conference, Scientific Advisory Board to Chief of Staff
Conference Transcript
Report on Conference on ‘Green Fireballs’

White Sands Newsclippings - BB Microfilm - Dan Wilson
Alleged Sightings At White Sands - Docs 687-702 - BB Microfilm - Dan Wilson
Interesting Concentration of Sightings - Docs 578-583 - BB Microfilm - Dan Wilson
NCP-12: The White Sands Proof - Bruce Maccabee
NCP-13: White Sands Films, Mirarchi, and Project Twinkle - Bruce Maccabee
How Scientists Tracked A Flying Saucer - Cmdr. R. B. McLaughlin, USN (TRUE, March 1950)
May 25, 1950: Cover letter for Summary of Observation of Aerial Phenomenon in the New Mexico Area - Patrick Gross
Have We Visitors From Outer Space? - LIFE Magazine article, April 7, 1952
The New Mexico Sightings - Nuclear Connection Project - Francis Ridge

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UFO Case Report:
“4925th Test Group Sees UFO
Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
March 22, 1950”


Quote from the UFO case report:
“Dan Wilson:

On March 22, 1950  eleven members of the 4925th Test Group (Atomic) witnessed a UFO northwest of Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, in broad daylight.

In February, 1950, a double barbed-wire complex was set up within Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque , New Mexico, to headquarter a new Top Secret U.S. Air Force unit designated the 4925th Test Group (Atomic). A small sign at the gate simply said ‘Sante Fe Operations’. Unauthorized, curious visitors were politely but firmly turned away by armed USAF Air Policemen.

The best bomber and fighter pilots in the USAF and all types of expert support personnel were located worldwide and orders were promptly cut transferring them to the elite 4925th.

A special search was made for the right man to lead the outfit. Colonel Osmund J. ‘Ozzie’ Ritland was selected as Commanding Officer. As a test pilot, he had 150 aircraft to his credit, including all captured aircraft in WWII. He had a degree in engineering, and was an expert in logistics.

All aircraft then in the Air Force inventory and thought capable of nuclear weapons delivery were to be obtained and sent to the 4925th for testing. The Special Weapons Command reporting only to the Pentagon and the AEC, set the wheels in motion to expedite this.

The 4925 was given this mission:

1. ‘Marry’ all nuclear weapon types to all suitable types of aircraft.

2. Establish the ballistics of each type of nuclear weapon, on precision bomb ranges.

3. Support the AEC with live test drops, at Nevada and the Pacific.

4. Fly through and ‘sample’ the highly radioactive nuclear ‘clouds’ after the bangs.

With top priority established, the 4925th was staffed with highly experienced people. Bomber, fighter, and chopper pilots, triple-rated bombardiers (Bomb/Navigator/Radar), staff officers, nuclear project engineers (military and civilian), depot-level modification personnel, aerial cameramen, photo lab technicians, bomb loading specialists, crew chiefs and crews. Col. Ritland ‘welded’ these pros into a highly sharp TEAM. If there ever was an ELITE outfit, the 4925th was it.

On March 22, 1950  eleven members of the 4925th Test Group (Atomic) witnessed a UFO northwest of Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, in broad daylight.

The following, formerly confidential incident, is not listed among the original Project Blue Book Unknowns. However it was found in the Blue Book archives. With the credibility of the witnesses established, and the discovered documents now available, there is no question that this UFO sighting is also credible.

NARA Blue Book Microfilm Sequence 70352 Page 20608
Time: 1100 hours. Heights: 25,000 to 30,000 feet. Described as about the size of a golf ball at arm’s length with approximate shape of the ‘flying wing’ and tan in color to brown on the edges. Horizontal flight, extremely high speed, heading northeast. Out of sight in 5-9 seconds.

NARA Blue Book Microfilm Sequence 70353 Page 20609

NARA Blue Book Microfilm Sequence 70354 Page 20610

The Spot Intelligence Report was sent to the Director of Special Investigations, Headquarters, USAF Washington, DC.

In this Spot Intelligence Report ten witnesses were listed. All of these personnel were interviewed and all stated substantially the same, that at 1100 hours, 22 March 1950, all of them were standing outside of the east hanger in the Kirtland AFB Restricted Area facing south. The party noticed an object in the sky which was moving northwest very quickly. The object then suddenly turned north and disappeared with a great burst of speed. The tan colored object with brown edges was about the size of a golf ball held at arm’s length. When it put on the last burst of speed to the north it was out of sight in 5-6 seconds.

This single SPOT INTELLIGENCE REPORT listed more witnesses, but the reports for the previous day had more isolated witnesses and much more information.

It is interesting to note that there were several very important UFO incidents reported around this period:

Mar 21, 1950; Kirtland AFB, NM, Sightings by the 4925th
Mar 22, 1950; Kirtland AFB, NM, Sightings by the 4925th
Apr 27, 1950; White Sands, NM, theodolite photo
May 11, 1950; McMinnville, Oregon, Trent Photos
May 29, 1950; White Sands, NM, theodolite photo

At Los Alamos laboratories, New Mexico, a crash program to develop the Hydrogen Bomb was underway during March 1950. There were many reports of ‘Green Fireballs’, discs and globes seen all around Los Alamos and Kirtland AFB during March 1950. This is just on month after the 4925th Test Gruop (Atomic) set up shop at Kirtland AFB. During the period of March 14 through 17, 1950 many UFOs were seen hanging around northern New Mexico.”

Dan Wilson also presents U.S. government (Project Blue Book,
U.S. Air Force) UFO documents that pertain to the UFO case.

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Air Force Base). Labeled are the bomber training, Sandia Base,
Sandia School, and VA Hospital. (April 1942) (text by Wikipedia)
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