Saturday, 3 June 2017

UFO Case Reports:
Focus On the May 1986 Brazil UFO Wave


Quote from “The 1986 UFO Chronology”:
May 1986; Taboleiro, Brazil            
2:00 AM. Multiple witness, brilliant yellowish light changed to blue-white, near a corral of horses, EM effects, traces. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

May 15, 1986, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Multiple witness, object close range, 30 minute observation, breaks electrical wires. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

May 15, 1986; Gerais (possibly Minas Gerais, the state), Brazil
10:00 PM. Multiple witness, object with beam, burns. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

May 19, 1986; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
G,A,V, major R/V Case involving seven aircraft 

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